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There are many kinds of agencies that help their clients manage ads accounts of Facebook, Google, or Amazon and others for getting platform commission or clients' service fees in the marketing industry.
Generally speaking, there are always dozens of accounts from varied clients holding in one operation manager, hundreds of accounts holding in an operation team, thousands of ones in an ads agency company.
One point, keeping each account unique and separated is quite essential when operating multiple accounts in the team. Another point, sharing the profiles across team members is also very important for teamwork cooperation.

If Facebook or Google and similar platforms detect different accounts as operating suspicious behavior or inconsistently, they can be instantly suspended without any early warning, despite being managed in legal status.

So how can you solve this problem and manage multiple accounts safely and stably?

Lalicat will help you as follow:

What are the key points of managing multiple accounts for agencies?

For most agencies, security and shareability are the most essential for handling client multiple accounts. Agencies need to assure clients that their accounts are absolutely protected without any risk of account bans when they are shared access across multiple devices and locations in team members.

Before we discuss how to keep the two key points, we have to know more as follow:
A. What's the fingerprint consist of?
The elements of browser fingerprint include hardware specs, GEO Location, and IP address through to your browser history, plugins and fonts you have on your system, and more.

B. What causes bans when we are managing multiple accounts?
The most common reason is when the accounts are flagged as suspicious due to some certain inconsistencies in the browser fingerprint or behavior, like accessing the same accounts from different devices to your client and within your team, that means the account have undergone different fingerprint in its accounts login and operation records.
meanwhile, your device with a certain fingerprint is still operating other accounts from other clients, making it all appear as if are linked among multiple accounts on the same platform. No badly rather than this situation! All will be flagged a big red sign as suspicious and suspended soon from the platforms like Google or Facebook.

How do you avoid this big ban problem?

Here Lalicat will give you a big surprise. As the articles we have discussed before, Lalicat allows ads agency to create hundreds even thousands of virtual browser profiles. These antidetect browser profiles all have their unique, absolutely genuine fingerprint as above mentioned, appear to platforms as from separate devices, as before we named security. Even more, they all can be shared among team members, as named shareability, that one of your colleagues can access the same profiles with the same browser fingerprint as you used before, but detected as the same user to the platforms.

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