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Employing Mass Planner for automating tasks on your Instagram account used to be a relatively straightforward endeavor. It facilitated a wide range of activities on your social media profiles, such as managing posting schedules and targeting specific clusters of individuals. Regrettably, Mass Planner has now discontinued its service, taking many social media marketers by surprise. Consequently, they are confronted with the pressing query of determining a suitable alternative to adopt following Mass Planner's cessation.

Nevertheless, the termination of Mass Planner does not signify the termination of Instagram automation altogether. Remarkably, despite the unavailability of Mass Planner, several other robust tools for automating social media activities still exist. Ergo, Mass Planner users possess a selection of alternatives to explore. Consequently, one may inquire about these alternative options. This article will extensively explore the most optimal substitutes. However, prior to delving into that, let us first examine the reasons behind Mass Planner's discontinuation.

What happened to it?

Mass Planner, an exceptional instrument for automating social media tasks, seamlessly integrates with prominent platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and YouTube. Through the utilization of Mass Planner, individuals can amass more followers, subscribers, and engagement, while its developers profit lucratively from monthly subscriptions. Nevertheless, what impelled them to discontinue the provision of their service?

The foremost catalyst behind Mass Planner's closure was an unequivocal cease and desist notice from Instagram. Arguably, it was Instagram that ultimately led to the downfall of Mass Planner. Although Mass Planner extends support to other social media platforms, Instagram stands as its principal focus, attracting the majority of its user base seeking automation functionality.

So, what were the precise missteps committed by Mass Planner?

During that period, Mass Planner garnered favor among unscrupulous marketers who adopted dubious practices such as spamming, fabricating engagement, and even deliberately impeding Instagram servers to engage in fraudulent activities.

Such behavior proved to be utterly intolerable to Instagram, necessitating the issuance of a cease and desist letter to Mass Planner, culminating in the irrevocable discontinuation of its services. However, this development does not signal the demise of social media automation, as there exist alternative options that are lawful and dependable.

How to achieve automation instead of Mass Planner?

Although Mass Planner has ceased to exist, the realm of Instagram automation persists, and there are yet alternative tools at your disposal to foster the growth of your Instagram account. However, caution must be exercised, and the instructions for employment must be meticulously adhered to.

This is due to the fact that Instagram's anti-spam system has evolved into a more stringent and astute entity, where a single misstep can promptly lead to the identification and subsequent blockage. Consequently, the selection of a suitable alternative becomes exceedingly crucial. Presented herewith are several exemplary alternatives to Mass Planner, each possessing the capacity to assist you in attaining comparable outcomes.

  1.  Jarvee

If you have had prior experience with Jarvee, you would undoubtedly recognize its striking resemblance to Mass Planner in terms of user interface and functionality. In fact, numerous marketers opine that Jarvee is essentially a visually distinct iteration of Mass Planner, quite possibly hailing from the same team. While I cannot independently verify this assertion, I can confidently affirm that Jarvee stands as the premier alternative to Mass Planner.

Jarvee presents a familiar interface and facilitates tasks such as post-scheduling, liking and commenting, following and unfollowing accounts, and a host of other pivotal functions. However, it is worth noting that Jarvee does not emerge as a cost-effective option when compared to other automation tools available in the market.

Nevertheless, its pricing aligns proportionately with the breadth of features and efficacy it delivers. Endowed with a robust reputation in the realm of Instagram automation, Jarvee offers steadfast and dependable functionalities that will propel the growth of your followers, enhance engagement, and broaden the outreach of your Instagram account.

  1. Pros

The resemblance in user interface and functionality to Mass Planner: If you possess prior experience with Mass Planner, transitioning to Jarvee will be a breeze. Its familiar interface and features enable a seamless continuation of your Instagram automation endeavors.

Safety and reliability: Jarvee prioritizes the provision of safe and dependable services. They diligently update their software to accommodate changes in Instagram policies and algorithms, ensuring that your account remains free from bans or restrictions.

Downloadable software: Jarvee distinguishes itself as a downloadable software, as opposed to cloud-based solutions. This affords you the ability to run the software on your personal computer, granting greater flexibility and control over its usage.

24/7 Customer Support: Jarvee prides itself on offering round-the-clock customer support. Regardless of the questions or concerns you may have, their dedicated team is always available to assist and address your inquiries.

  • Cons

Expensive: In comparison to its competitors, Jarvee's pricing is relatively high. This may be a factor to consider for individuals on a budget. Nonetheless, considering its array of features and reliable performance, Jarvee's pricing aligns with the value it provides.

Not suitable for beginners: Due to its advanced features and complexity, Jarvee may not be the most suitable choice for completely inexperienced beginners. Effectively utilizing Jarvee necessitates a certain level of understanding and technical knowledge to ensure proper configuration and optimal utilization of the tool.

Windows-only compatibility: Presently, Jarvee exclusively supports Windows operating systems. This may pose a limitation for users employing alternative operating systems.

  • Hootsuite

Hootsuite emerges as a formidable alternative to Mass Planner. However, Hootsuite's prominent position in the market is largely attributed to its own status as a renowned brand, supported by a substantial team of employees. While Mass Planner primarily focuses on building a following, Hootsuite is primarily recognized as a post-scheduling application, offering comprehensive social media management functionalities. In essence, Hootsuite functions as a compliance tool, whereas Mass Planner is a tool associated with black hat practices, contributing to its eventual shutdown.

While Mass Planner users may not find Hootsuite as enticing, Hootsuite proves to be an excellent choice for maintaining substantial engagement levels and effectively managing accounts without the risk of being banned.

  1. Pros

Absence of account bans: Utilizing Hootsuite for post-scheduling and managing popular social media accounts does not lead to account bans, unlike Mass Planner. Hootsuite adheres to the usage guidelines of social media platforms, ensuring compliance and safeguarding your account.

Unified management of popular social media accounts: Hootsuite offers the convenience of centrally managing multiple popular social media accounts on a single platform. You can seamlessly handle and schedule posts, track engagement, and perform social media analytics, enhancing efficiency and ensuring consistency.

  • Cons

Higher pricing: Hootsuite may have relatively higher pricing compared to its competitors. This aspect may be a consideration for budget-conscious users. Nonetheless, considering its features and brand reputation, Hootsuite's pricing aligns with the value it delivers.

Unsuitability for black hat marketers: Hootsuite is explicitly designed to support compliant social media management and marketing practices, making it unsuitable for black hat marketers or users employing unethical tactics.

Complex interface: Hootsuite's interface may pose a learning curve for beginners, as it encompasses a broad range of features and settings options.


Undoubtedly, the termination of Mass Planner does not signify the cessation of Instagram automation. In fact, Instagram automation continues to prevail as a highly efficacious solution in comparison to other available tools within the market. Nevertheless, it is crucial to acknowledge that triggering Instagram's anti-spam system has become significantly easier. Consequently, if caution is not exercised, the potential risk of losing your Instagram account looms ominously.

Prudence must be exercised at all times when engaging in Instagram automation, particularly if the need arises to automate multiple accounts. Employing tools such as IG Automation proxy and anti-detection browsers becomes imperative to circumvent IP bans or flagging as suspicious accounts. These tools provide the advantage of a separate IP address and enhanced security, facilitating anonymity and safeguarding your well-being throughout the automation process.

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