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API For Creating Browser Profiles

Short Description
  • No
  • {{url}}/v1/profile/create
Getting Way
  • post
Getting Parameters Example
    "token": "8b10364c4624d515b5401dbaba2f7b2d",
    "tag": "test",
    "body": {
        "name": "myProfile",
        "os": {
            "browserVer": [
            "osType": [
        "orderby": "0",
        "notes": "profile notes",
        "iconId": "0",
        "proxyServer": {
            "type": "NOPROXY",
            "host": "",
            "port": "1080",
            "username": "hello",
            "password": "world"
        "extensions": {
            "enable": true,
            "list": [
        "webRtc": {
            "type": "FAKE",
            "fillOnStart": true,
            "wanSet": true,
            "lanSet": true,
            "publicIp": "",
            "localIps": [
        "userAgent": "user_agent_value",
        "screenWidth": "1920",
        "screenHeight": "1080",
        "langHdr": "en-US",
        "acceptLanguage": "en-US,en;q=0.9",
        "platform": "platform_value",
        "product": "Gecko",
        "appName": "Netscape",
        "hardwareConcurrency": "4",
        "mobileEmulation": false,
        "deviceType": "1",
        "hideWebdriver": false,
        "langBasedOnIp": false,
        "doNotTrack": false,
        "deviceMemory": "8",
        "pixelRatio": "1.0",
        "maskFonts": true,
        "fontSetting": {
            "dynamicFonts": false,
            "fontList": [
                "@Microsoft YaHei UI",
                "MS Outlook"
            "clientRects": true
        "canvasDefType": "NOISEB",
        "audio": {
            "noise": true
        "webgl": {
            "metadata": true,
            "noise": false,
            "vendor": "vendor_value",
            "renderer": "renderer_value"
        "timeZoneFillOnStart": false,
        "timeZone": "Europe/Tallinn",
        "mediaDevices": {
            "setMediaDevices": true,
            "use_name": true,
            "videoInputs": {
                "count": "1",
                "device1": {
                    "label": "label value",
                    "deviceId": "deviceId value",
                    "groupId": "groupId value"
            "audioInputs": {
                "count": "2",
                "device1": {
                    "label": "label value",
                    "deviceId": "deviceId value",
                    "groupId": "groupId value"
                "device2": {
                    "label": "label value",
                    "deviceId": "deviceId value",
                    "groupId": "groupId value"
            "audioOutputs": {
                "count": "2"
        "startUrl": "https://www.lalimao.com",
        "kernelVer": "90",
        "browserSettings": {
            "pepperFlash": true,
            "mediaStream": true,
            "webkitSpeech": true,
            "fakeUiForMedia": true,
            "gpuAndPepper3D": true,
            "ignoreCertErrors": true,
            "audioMute": true,
            "disableWebSecurity": true,
            "disablePdf": true,
            "touchEvents": true,
            "hyperlinkAuditing": true
        "localCache": {
            "deleteCache": true,
            "deleteCookie": true,
            "clearCache": true,
            "clearHistory": true
        "synSettings": {
            "synCookie": true,
            "extensionData": true,
            "synBookmark": true,
            "synHistory": true,
            "synExtension": true,
            "synKeepKey": true,
            "synLastTag": true
        "leakProof": {
            "computerName": {
                "isUse": false,
                "value": "rand"
            "macAddress": {
                "isUse": false,
                "value": "CC-F4-11-9B-08-04"
        "browserParams": "",
        "customDns": "",
        "remoteDebug": {
            "bindAllDebug": false,
            "debuggingPort": "",
            "logLevels": "99"
        "browserApi": {
            "setBatteryStatus": false,
            "isCharging": true,
            "chargingTime": "0",
            "drainsTime": "Infinity",
            "batteryPercentage": "1",
            "autoGeoIp": true,
            "setLatitude": false,
            "setLongitude": false,
            "setAccuracy": false,
            "latitude": "51.48259",
            "longitude": "-0.00766",
            "accuracy": "1803.34",
            "setWebBluetooth": false,
            "setBluetoothAdapter": false,
            "speechSynthesis": false,
            "speechVoicesList": [
                    "isUse": true,
                    "voiceURI": "voiceURI value 12",
                    "name": "name value 1",
                    "lang": "lang value 1",
                    "localService": true,
                    "default": false
                    "isUse": false,
                    "voiceURI": "222",
                    "name": "name value 2",
                    "lang": "lang value 2",
                    "localService": true,
                    "default": true
        "sslFingerprint": {
            "enableCustomSSL": true,
            "versionMin": "0",
            "versionMax": "1",
            "cipherSuites": [
                    "isUse": true,
                    "v": "TLS_AES_256_GCM_SHA384"
                    "isUse": false,
                    "v": "TLS_RSA_WITH_3DES_EDE_CBC_SHA"
                    "isUse": false,
                    "v": "TLS_ECDHE_ECDSA_WITH_AES_128_CBC_SHA"
                    "isUse": false,
                    "v": "TLS_AES_128_GCM_SHA256"
                    "isUse": false,
                    "v": "TLS_CHACHA20_POLY1305_SHA256"
                    "isUse": false,
                    "v": "TLS_ECDHE_ECDSA_WITH_AES_128_GCM_SHA256"
                    "isUse": false,
                    "v": "TLS_ECDHE_RSA_WITH_AES_128_GCM_SHA256"
                    "isUse": false,
                    "v": "TLS_ECDHE_ECDSA_WITH_AES_256_GCM_SHA384"
                    "isUse": false,
                    "v": "TLS_ECDHE_RSA_WITH_AES_256_GCM_SHA384"
                    "isUse": false,
                    "v": "TLS_ECDHE_ECDSA_WITH_CHACHA20_POLY1305_SHA256"
                    "isUse": false,
                    "v": "TLS_ECDHE_RSA_WITH_CHACHA20_POLY1305_SHA256"
                    "isUse": false,
                    "v": "TLS_ECDHE_RSA_WITH_AES_128_CBC_SHA"
                    "isUse": false,
                    "v": "TLS_ECDHE_RSA_WITH_AES_256_CBC_SHA"
                    "isUse": false,
                    "v": "TLS_RSA_WITH_AES_128_GCM_SHA256"
                    "isUse": false,
                    "v": "TLS_RSA_WITH_AES_256_GCM_SHA384"
                    "isUse": false,
                    "v": "TLS_RSA_WITH_AES_128_CBC_SHA"
                    "isUse": false,
                    "v": "TLS_RSA_WITH_AES_256_CBC_SHA"
        "otherProtection": {
            "setPortScan": true,
            "localPortsExclude": "8000,12345,42069"
        "header": {
            "setHeaderCustom": true,
            "list": [
                    "isUse": true,
                    "name": "name1",
                    "value": "value",
                    "urlMatch": "urlMatch1",
                    "notExistAdd": false
                    "isUse": true,
                    "name": "name2",
                    "value": "value",
                    "urlMatch": "urlMatch2",
                    "notExistAdd": true
        "cmdcfg": {
            "openCommandLine": false,
            "commandLine": "",
            "closeCommandLine": true
tokenYesstringauthentication token
tagYesstringThe name of the group, if you don't want to use the name, you can also pass tagId (the ID of the group)
bodyYesobjectThe first letter is not case sensitive
nameYesstringshow name
younoobjectoperating system
os.browserVernoarraybrowser version
os.osTypenoarrayoperating system
orderbynostringSort, the smaller the number, the higher the ranking
iconIdnostringIcon ID
proxyServernoobjectproxy settings
proxyServer.typenostringProxy type (NOPROXY, HTTP, SOCKS4, SOCKS5, HTTPS)
proxyServer.hostnostringIP address
proxyServer.usernamenostringlogged in user
proxyServer.passwordnostringlogin password
extensionsnoobjectPlugin configuration
extensions.enablenobooleanDisable inheritance of global settings
false: Inherit global settings
true: Disable inheritance of global settings (do not inherit)
extensions.listnoarrayDisables inheriting the plugin ID of global plugins
webRtc.typenostringWebRTC type
webRtc.fillOnStartnobooleanAuto detect IP
webRtc.wanSetnobooleanPublic network IP switch
webRtc.lanSetnobooleanIntranet IP switch
webRtc.publicIpnostringPublic IP
webRtc.localIpsnoarrayIntranet IP
screenWidthnostringResolution width
screenHeightnostringResolution height
mobileEmulationnobooleanMobile emulation switch
deviceTypenostringMobile Emulation Type
0: Desktop
1: Mobile
langBasedOnIpnobooleanSet language based on IP
doNotTracknobooleando not track
maskFontsnobooleanEnable 【Font】Fingerprint Protection
fontSettingnoobjectset font
fontSetting.dynamicFontsnobooleanuse font list, each time dynamic random
false: use
true: not use
fontSetting.fontListnoarrayfont list
fontSetting.clientRectsnobooleanClientRects Fingerprint Enhanced Protection
canvasDefTypenostring【Canvas】Protection (Type)
NOISEA: Noise Mode A
BLOCK: Blocking Mode
NOISEB: Noise Mode B
NOISEC: Noise Mode C
OFF: Not enabled (not OFF is enabled)
audio.noisenobooleanEnable hardware fingerprint [AudioContext] protection (noise mode)
false: not enabled
true: enabled
webgl.metadataYesbooleanEnable [WebGL] metadata protection
webgl.noisenobooleanEnable [WebGL] image protection
webgl.vendornostringWebGL vendor
webgl.renderernostringWebGL renderer
timeZoneFillOnStartnobooleanEnable setting time zone based on IP
timeZonenostringManually specify the time zone
mediaDevicesnoobjectMedia Device Fingerprint Settings
mediaDevices.setMediaDevicesnobooleanNumber of custom media devices
mediaDevices.use_namenobooleanSpecify device name
mediaDevices.videoInputsnoobjectvideo input
mediaDevices.videoInputs.countnostringThe number of video input devices. If device1 is not set and count is not 0, device1 device parameters (label, deviceId, groupId) will be randomly generated
mediaDevices.videoInputs.device1noobjectVideo input device number 1 (0~1), corresponding to the number of counts
mediaDevices.videoInputs.device1.labelnostringvideo input device label
mediaDevices.videoInputs.device1.deviceIdnostringVideo input device deviceId
mediaDevices.videoInputs.device1.groupIdnostringVideo input device groupId
mediaDevices.audioInputsnoobjectaudio input
mediaDevices.audioInputs.countnostringThe number of audio input devices. If device is not set (1~4), device parameters (label, deviceId, groupId) will be randomly created according to the number of counts.
mediaDevices.audioInputs.device1noobjectAudio input device number 1 (0~4), corresponding to the number of counts
mediaDevices.audioInputs.device1.labelnostringaudio input device label
mediaDevices.audioInputs.device1.deviceIdnostringaudio input device deviceId
mediaDevices.audioInputs.device1.groupIdnostringAudio input device groupId
mediaDevices.audioInputs.device2noobjectAudio input device number 2 (0~4), corresponding to the number of counts
mediaDevices.audioInputs.device2.labelnostringaudio input device label
mediaDevices.audioInputs.device2.deviceIdnostringaudio input device deviceId
mediaDevices.audioInputs.device2.groupIdnostringAudio input device groupId
mediaDevices.audioOutputsnoobjectAudio output
mediaDevices.audioOutputs.countnostringThe number of audio output devices. If device is not set (1~4), device parameters (label, deviceId, groupId) will be randomly created according to the number of counts.
startUrlnostringDefault home page
kernelVernostringstart the kernel (version)
browserSettingsnoobjectOther configuration
browserSettings.pepperFlashnobooleanEnable Pepper Flash plugin
browserSettings.mediaStreamnobooleanEnable media (WebRTC audio/video) streaming
browserSettings.webkitSpeechnobooleanEnable speech input (x-webkit-speech)
browserSettings.fakeUiForMedianobooleanBypass the media stream information bar by selecting the default device for the media stream
browserSettings.gpuAndPepper3DnobooleanEnable GPU plugin and Pepper 3D rendering
browserSettings.ignoreCertErrorsnobooleanIgnore website certificate errors
browserSettings.audioMutenobooleanAudio mute
browserSettings.disableWebSecuritynobooleanDo not enforce same origin policy
browserSettings.disablePdfnobooleanDisable PDF extensions
browserSettings.touchEventsnobooleanEnable support for touch event feature detection
browserSettings.hyperlinkAuditingnobooleanHyperlink auditing can be used to track clicks on website links
localCachenoobjectlocal cache
localCache.deleteCachenobooleanDelete cache files before starting the browser
localCache.deleteCookienobooleanDelete cookies before starting your browser
localCache.clearCachenobooleanClear file cache when browser is closed
localCache.clearHistorynobooleanDelete history when browser is closed
synSettingsnoobjectSync settings
synSettings.synCookienobooleanSync save cookies
synSettings.extensionDataYesbooleanExtended data
synSettings.synBookmarknobooleanSync and save bookmarks
synSettings.synHistorynobooleanSync history
synSettings.synExtensionnobooleanSync extension
synSettings.synKeepKeynobooleanSync and save passwords
synSettings.synLastTagnobooleanSync recent tabs
leakProofnoobjectAnti-leak settings
leakProof.computerNamenoobjectcomputer name
leakProof.computerName.isUsenobooleancomputer name switch
leakProof.computerName.valuenostringComputer name value ( randrandomly generated if value is)
leakProof.macAddressnoobjectMac address
leakProof.macAddress.isUsenobooleanMac address switch
leakProof.macAddress.valuenostringMac address value ( randrandomly generated if value is)
browserParamsnostringCustomize startup browser parameters
customDnsnostringCustom DNS
remoteDebugnoobjectRemote debugging function
remoteDebug.bindAllDebugnobooleanport binding
remoteDebug.debuggingPortnostringRemote debug port
remoteDebug.logLevelsnostringDebug log level
browserApinoobjectBrowser API Fingerprint Settings
browserApi.setBatteryStatusnobooleanSetting up the Battery Status API
browserApi.isChargingnobooleanIs it charging
browserApi.chargingTimenostringIt takes time for charging to complete "0", "Infinity"
browserApi.drainsTimenostringBattery can use time "3600", "18000", "10800", "12600", "Infinity"
browserApi.batteryPercentagenostringPercentage of battery power 0.01 ~ 1
browserApi.autoGeoIpnobooleanPopulate geolocation based on IP address
browserApi.setLatitudenobooleanLatitude switch
browserApi.setLongitudenobooleanLongitude switch
browserApi.setAccuracynobooleanPrecision switch
browserApi.latitudenostringLatitude value
browserApi.longitudenostringlongitude value
browserApi.accuracynostringAccuracy (US)
browserApi.setWebBluetoothnobooleanSet Web Bluetooth API (Switch)
browserApi.setBluetoothAdapternobooleanBluetooth Adapter (Switch)
browserApi.speechSynthesisnobooleanSet SpeechSynthesis API (switch)
browserApi.speechVoicesListnoarrayList of Speech Voices
browserApi.speechVoicesList.isUsenobooleanWhether to enable
sslFingerprintnoobjectSSL fingerprint settings
sslFingerprint.enableCustomSSLnobooleanEnable custom SSL fingerprint
sslFingerprint.versionMinnostringSSL Versioin min
sslFingerprint.versionMaxnostringSSL Versioin max
sslFingerprint.cipherSuitesnoarrayCipher Suites List
sslFingerprint.cipherSuites.isUsenostringIs it selected
otherProtectionnoobjectother protection
otherProtection.setPortScannobooleanEnable port scan protection
otherProtection.localPortsExcludenostringWhitelist of specific ports (ports that are allowed to be scanned), you need to separate the whitelisted ports with commas (half-width), for example: 8000,12345,42069
headernoobjectHeader settings
header.setHeaderCustomnobooleanEnable Header customization
header.list.isUsenobooleanWhether to enable
header.list.urlMatchnostringURL match
header.list.notExistAddnobooleannot exist add
cmdcfgnoobjectAssisted startup configuration
cmdcfg.openCommandLinenobooleanExecute the command line (switch) before starting the browser
cmdcfg.commandLinenostringCommand Line
cmdcfg.closeCommandLinenobooleanBrowser close kills the command line process
Example of successful return
  "data": {
    "profileId": "7723C30E-AFED-4E72-8941-642A5E30D135"
  "code": 0,
  "msg": "OK"
Failure return example
  "data": {},
  "code": 420,
  "msg": "name parameter cannot be empty"

The parameters of the object and array types are optional, but [does not mean] their fields are also optional (if parameters are passed, the fields are required)

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