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Browser Resolution Setting

The browser resolution, that is, the physical resolution of the device, such as different devices, windows and mobile phones, their resolution is different.

1. When simulating Operating System on Windows, Mac OS or Linux, The Lalicat antidetect browser will take the resolution of the monitor you are using as the default resolution, if yours is 1920x1080, the defaulted one will be 1920x1080.

Note: When simulating a PC device, you can change the resolution according to your needs, but it is not recommended to be larger than your monitor resolution. the smaller resolution is better.

2. When simulating mobile devices such as Android, iPhone or iPad,
Lalicat Proxy Browser has been optimized for display, because the resolution of mobile devices is generally much higher than that of computer monitors, especially the vertical resolution.

Note: It is not recommended to change the resolution setting to simulate a mobile device, please just use the default size generated by the system.

Because the software can only be run in the window system, the most windows computer monitors are 1920x1080. However, the resolution of mobile devices generally are more than 2K. such as, the resolution of IPhone X has reached 1125 x 2436, so if 100% according to the real resolution, Windows system can not fully display the content of the page.

So that, Lalicat anti detect Browser bring DevicePixelRatio Display Optimization Tech.

DevicePixelRatio is the ratio between device physical pixels and device-independent pixels (dips). Window.DevicePixelRatio = Physical Pixel / Device-Independent Pixel. If DevicePixelRatio is not 1.0, but 2.0, then the resolution detected by the browser will double the currently resolution in length and width.

Take IPhone X as an example, Simulating Resolution * DevicePixelRatio= Real Resolution. so that is, (375x3.0) x (812x3.0)= 1125 x 2436.

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