Can I have multiple Linkedin accounts?

Fri Mar 31 2023admin
multiple inkedin accounts

Can I have two Linkedin accounts? Can I have two Linkedin accounts? The answer is, of course! But how can I create multiple Linkedin accounts and manage them on one computer?

You need to download and install an antidetect browser and a proxy server, then prepare multiple different personal information (including name, email, address, job, etc), and find an online SMS receiving platform.

Next, I will use Lalicat antidetect browser and YiLu Proxy to show you how to create multiple Linkedin accounts.

1. Create multiple virtual browsers in Lalicat and connect different proxy IPs

If you want to learn the detailed steps, please view the web page:

Create multiple virtual browsers in Lalicat

2. Run these virtual browsers

Run multiple Lalicat virtiual browsers

Then operate the following steps on these virtual browsers.

3. Enter Linkedin official website

4. Click "Join now"

Sign up Linkedin account

5. Enter email and password

Or you can directly use Google Gmail account to sign up.

Enter Linkedin email and password

6. Enter your first name and last name

Enter Linkedin name

7. Verify your phone number

Here you need use an online SMS receiving platform, such as,, to get multiple phone numbers and get verification code.

verify Linkedin phone number

8. Fill in personal information

You can fill in your personal information, such as graduated school, work experience, location, and so on.

After the above steps, you can create multiple Linkedin accounts. And you can run these Lalicat virtual browsers at the same time, so you can manage these Linkedin accounts easily on one computer.

Now Lalicat offers new users 3-day free trial, and YiLu Proxy offers a $19 trial version, so you can use them at a cheap price to register multiple Linkedin accounts for your business!

get free trial

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