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Chrome Plugin

1. As long as it is a Chrome plugin, it can be installed in Lalicat browser

2. Global installation (Plugin Center)

1. Turn on global installation: this plugin will be installed in browsers that have been generated or created later;

2. Turn off global installation: this plugin will not be installed in browsers that have been generated or created later;

3. The default is off.

3. Single Browser Profile installation (priority is higher than the global installation settings in the plugin center)

1. Select the corresponding browser, click the plugin management icon, or [Edit - Extension configuration].

2. Turn on [Forbidden to inherit global settings], which means to close the global installation settings. The ones that are checked below are the priority installations. If they are not checked, they will not be installed.

3. After setting, remember to save the settings and restart the browser for the changes to take effect.

4. Upload plugins

1. First, you need to go to the official website of the plugin and download the installation package of the Chrome browser version. If there is a zip format, download the zip format and upload the installation package directly; if only the crx format is available, then do the following video:

How to get the extension file from Chrome Web Store?

① Install the extension on the local Chrome browser

 Install the Chrome extension

② Find the extension file saved directory

Enter "chrome://version", copy the profile path, then paste it on File Explorer;

Find the Extension file;

Find the Extension file

Click the extension icon, and enter "Manage extensions" settings.

Manage extensions

Turn on "Developer mode";

According to the extension ID to find the extension file.

Use extension ID to find the extension file

Select all files on the extension, and save them to a ZIP format file.

Select all files on the extension
save extension all files to a ZIP format file

Select ZIP format;

Select ZIP format

Now we get the extension in ZIP format.

 ZIP format extension

2. The upload plugin only supports zip format, and within the limit of 20M, if the plugin is in crx format, please change the file suffix to rar format, and then recompress it into zip format after unzipping.

3. Icon (at least 60*60 pixels, ratio 1:1, support jpg/jpeg/png format, limit 1M), installation package, and plugin name are required, introduction is optional.

Upload Chrome extension


5. You can also add plugins in the Chrome Web Store on each browser profile

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