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Clear Browser Local Cache

1. The cache of the Lalicat virtual browser is saved locally and synchronized in the cloud.

(1) As long as the synchronization setting is enabled, the cloud cache can automatically synchronize each time the browser is opened or closed. After uploading, it can only be modified and cannot be deleted.

sync settings

(2) The local cache directory can be set and deleted freely, as shown in the following figure.

global cache

2. How do you clear the cache?

Note: Even clearing the cache or cookie data does not mean that the browser is clean and you can log in to a second account on the same platform. Because the browser has been logged in to the account, no matter how to clear the cache, the browser fingerprint has been recorded by the website, so to log in to the second account, only to create a new browser, is a clean browser environment.

(1) Delete file cache globally: open the setting button in the upper right corner of the software interface.

Delete file cache: Global cleanup. Only cache files generated by all browsers will be cleaned, and cookie account data will not be cleaned.
Delete all caches: delete all browser data caches globally, including cookies, bookmarks, and other data (carefully).

delete file all cache

(2) Delete the cache of a single browser: select the corresponding browser profile, click More, and select Delete cache directory.

single browser cache delete

(3) Batch delete some browsers' cache: select multiple browsers to delete.

batch browser cache delete

3. Individually set each browser to clean up cached data when it is opened and closed.

Set the corresponding options in a single browser profile to understand the corresponding cache data.
After the following data is checked, the corresponding local cache data will be automatically cleaned up each time the browser is opened or closed.

Local Cache

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