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Create Multiple Profiles In Bulk

  1. Enter into Lalicat Browser, Click [Browser List] and [Add browser] to create profiles.

2. Type [Profile Name], and type 10 or more right number of profiles you want to create in [Batch Creation] and select [Random User-Agent], and choose the Windows/MacOS/Linux in the [operating system]; and enter into right value, such as SOCKS5, and 5000 in the [Proxy settings], [IP Address], and [Port]. Lastly click [Save].

3. Create profiles in bulk after click [Save] as follow. change the [Port] from 5000 to 5010 of each profile. and [open the browser] profiles to run all the 10 profiles.

4. after 10 profiles running on the same computer, you will get 10 different ones in different browser fingerprints after check the site:https://www.browserleaks.com/canvas.

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