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Here we make a brief introduction of the Header.

Header Name: This is the key name of the request header that we want to add
Add when absent: When selected, if the current request header does not contain the header name that we set, the value that we set is added. If not selected, it is added directly, and if the band in the request header overrides the value we set.
Value: It is the value that we set.
URL Match: It is to add the Header head for URL matching, successful matching will add Header settings, not what websites to add, for example, if you want to add all websites, then you want to indicate all websites with a * number.
Common User Case of Setting Header Case:
1. Cache-control that forces each request to be sent directly to the source server.
2. Source setting, which indicates the previous page accessed by the browser, and it can be considered that the link to the previously accessed page brought the browser to the current page.
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