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How Many Profiles Can Be Run Simultaneously?

This mainly DEPENDS ON the pLAN and computer configuration

One side, For plans, If you buy a SOLO package, you can open 200 windows profiles at once, and so on.

Another side, of course, also depends on your computer configuration, the higher the computer configuration, the more profiles can be run.

If My computer is not configured enough, can not RUN many browser Profiles?

It doesn’t matter, the Lalicat antidetect browser package is only bound to the account, whether the main account or sub-account is not limited to the computer login at the same time. (Both trial and paid versions are not limited to multi-login)

And all the browser profile data and account data can be automatically stored on another computer when you log in to another computer with a high configuration.

Can a computer run multiple browser profiles with different IPs?

Yes, Lalicat Fingerprint browser can create a unique fingerprint browser profile without restrictions and can divide each browser into a separate proxy IP.

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