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If My Plan is Expired, My Account Data Still Exist?

The created browser profiles or sub-accounts will be permanently saved. All cached files and cookie data in the browser will be permanently valid, and will be automatically synchronized to the cloud for storage, even if the plan expires.

Don't forget to synchronize these data.

The deleted profiles can be kept in the recycle bin for 7 days. After 7 days, they will be completely deleted by the system and cannot be recovered.

Recharge and renewal will take effect immediately, so if your plan expires, and you don't need to use Lalicat for a period of time, you do not need to renew right away, you can renew when you need to use Lalicat.

If there is an adjustment of Lalicat fingerprint browser plan type during use, all browser profiles that have been created can continue to be used, and will not be effected due to changes in the plan. For example, if you originally purchased the SOLO plan with 200 profiles, and now adjust to the Personal plan with 100 profiles, the old created browser profiles (may more than 100 profiles) can still be used normally.

Note: the number of sub-accounts will be adjusted along with the plan.
For example, if the TEAM plan was originally purchased, but now it is adjusted to the SOLO plan, the number of sub-accounts will be adjusted from 10 to 5. (5 out of 10 sub-accounts are randomly deleted, so it is especially recommended to transfer browser profiles in the sub-accounts before downgrading the plan)

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