Why only incognito browsers can truly protect privacy?

Sat Sep 17 2022admin

Although the appearance of browsers has greatly facilitated our online activities, it is undeniable that various advertisements appearing on browser pages have greatly reduced our online experience and also caused some privacy leaks.

In order to cope with this situation, many browsers now have added an incognito browsing mode to better protect everyone's privacy. But can incognito browsing mode really protect our privacy? What can incognito browsing mode help us hide?

Lalicat incognito browser

What the incognito browsing mode can help us hide?

In fact, the incognito browsing mode can only ensure that the cookies and browser history in our browsing window are not preserved. Simply put, it can protect your privacy from being violated by other people using your computer. To put it bluntly, the incognito browsing mode can only prevent the next person who uses your computer and opens the browser from seeing your browsing history, and does not protect you from the monitoring and snooping of the website itself.

Because websites can also identify users by detecting other information, such as IP addresses, browser fingerprints, browsing habits, etc. It can be seen that the incognito browsing mode does not help us hide any data to achieve anonymous browsing.

How can we achieve true incognito browsing?

Users can protect personal privacy by using Lalicat incognito browser, because Lalicat is a browser that can create virtual fingerprint information, it can configure Cookies, IP, screen resolution, User-Agent, and fonts, The browser fingerprint parameters such as language help us simulate new users, so that the website cannot be identified by detecting the fingerprint information representing the user's identity, and anonymous browsing can be achieved naturally.

Moreover, Lalicat browser can not only encrypt our real fingerprint information, but also support simulating human typing to help us hide our operating habits, so as to better cover up our online activities.

Therefore, we can see that the incognito browsing mode can only hide the traces of our browsing sessions and cannot really protect our privacy, while the incognito browser can help us browse anonymously on the Internet and prevent the leakage of privacy.

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