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Infatica P2B Proxy Network

Infatica P2B proxy network service is a cheap proxy server that provides residential IPs, datacenter IPs, and mobile IPs all over the world. If you want to prevent multi-account from being associated, you can use Lalicat antidetect browser and Infatica proxy together. Next, I will show you how to integrate Infatica proxy with Lalicat browser.

Register and log in to an account, then buy a proxy plan on its official webiste infatica.io.

Enter Infatica Client Area:

  • ① Click “My Services”
  • ② Click “Active”
  • ③ Click “Traffic Packages”

Generate proxy list

  • ① Enter a proxy list name;
  • ② Select “login/password” authorization;
  • ③ Set login and password;
  • ④ Select a location;
  • ⑤ Select the proxy IP rotation period;
  • ⑥ Select “host:port:login:password” proxy format;
  • ⑦ Click “Generate”.

Click the generated proxy list.

Then 1000 proxy IP information will be shown.

Copy a piece of proxy IP information.

Create a new browser profile

On Lalicat browser client, click “Add browser profile”.

  • ① Enter a profile name, select a group, operating system, browser version, user-agent, and set up proxy.
  • ② Select Socks5, HTTP, or HTTPS proxy type;
  • ③ Click “Paste proxy information” button, then proxy host IP, port, username, and password will be filled in.
  • ④ Click "Check the network". If the IP information is shown, that means the proxy network is working.
  • ⑤ Finally, save the browser profile.

Open the browser

Click the “open” button.

Check IP address

On the open browser, enter “ipinfo.io” to check the IP address.

The IP address is the same as the detected IP on Lalicat client.

Then you can enter Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, and other website to create or log in to your accounts.

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