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As a Top-Notch Residential Proxy Provider, Alternative Proxy to 911S5, IP2World Proxy Brand Provides 3 types of proxy that are SOCKS5 Residential, Rotating Residential and Static Residential ISP Proxies. Let’s learn how to integrate these proxy types with Lalicat Browser.

IP2World proxy service provides 90M+ real, clean, anonymous residential proxy IPs cover 220+ regions worldwide. Fetch HTTP(S)&SOCKS5 rotating residential proxies by API or user+pass auth from web Page. Download powerful proxy software to easily configure global SOCKS5 residential proxies. City, ASN-level targeting, unmetered bandwidth & unlimited concurrent sessions proxies. IP2World integrates global available proxy IPs into one software IP2 proxy manager, compatible with various apps and can be used in brand protection, ad verification, SEO, price integration, academic surveys, social media management, fingerprint browsers, online games, sneakers, e-commerce, data collection, etc.

IP pool resources: 90M+ real and pure residential proxies covering 220+ countries and regions around the world

Proxy Types: Dynamic Rotating Residential Proxy, Dynamic S5 Residential Proxy, Static Residential ISP Proxy

Price: Rotating $0.8/GB/6 months, S5 $0.04/IP, Static $5/IP/month

Support protocols: HTTP(S) & SOCKS5

Proxy modes: API, User+Pass Auth or S5 software to fetch proxies

Official Website: http://www.ip2world.com/?utm-source=lalicat&utm-keyword=?lalicat

1.SOCKS5 Residential Proxies & Lalicat

Step 1 Bind one selected IP with port, and copy IP:Port from Port Forward List

Step 2 Paste the proxy info to Lalicat, and click check the network

2.Rotating Residential Proxies & Lalicat

Configure Proxy Info, and Paste each proxy info to Lalicat proxy field and click check the network,

HTTP(S) & SOCKS5 are both supported

3.Static Residential ISP Proxies & Lalicat

Configure Static Proxy IP, Paste the proxy info to Lalicat, and click check the network.

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