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local API normal setting

1. Refresh the page:

2. Open the customized website or URL.

3. Get Page Source Code:

4. Find the elements of the page:

Function supported elements:











args element is function parameters,such as:findElementByID(args).

When click is true,Click after finding the specified element. if false, not click.

when index is multiple elements, specify click which elements, just start from 0, -1 is one of the random elements, this parameter is used when click = true.

5. Get the specified element attribute value.[{“ELEMENT”: “95365abe-6746-4703-8cfd-6316580f5289”, “element -6066-11e4-a52e-4f735466cecf”: “95365abe-6746-4703-8cfd-6316580f5289”}, “style”]

The args parameter is generally a JSON string combined with the Element_ID obtained after finding the element through findElement. For example: [{“ELEMENT”: “95365abe-6746-4703-8cfd-6316580f5289”, “element-6066-11e4-a52e-4f735466cecf”: “95365abe-6746-4703-8cfd-6316580f5289”}, “value”]

This is to take the value of the 95365abe-6746-4703-8cfd-6316580f5289 element.

6. Perform an element click via the selector:

7. Send text to web page:

First, you can use [findElementByID] to find the [elementId], for example:

You can also use: [findElementByXPath] to find the [elementId], for example:

The above args parameter is transmitted using [base64] encoding, after decoding it is: //*[@id=”kw”]

The above GET request will return:


49e49e71-2a55-4e79-a41b-86840ffd18c8 is the elementId to be used.

The above value is also transmitted using base64 encoding to prevent GET transmission from failing.

value=5Lit5paHYWJjMTIz, is to change the Chinese abc123 string sent in this web page control. Note that these automated operations cannot be performed until the web page is loaded, otherwise the actions may be blocked.

The 35000 port here is the port set in my account in the lalicat software, pay attention to opening and changing.

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