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Mobile Simulation And DoNotTrack

1. Mobile Simulation

Lalicat fingerprint browser mobile simulation: This is for simulating mobile phone browsers. Desktop setting indicates the PC mouse mode, and Mobile indicates that the simulate touch screen mobile function.

If you are simulating a computer browser, do not select [Mobile Simulation], this function is only used to start the touch screen mode, otherwise the configuration file will be abnormal.

2. Do Not Track.

DoNotTrack is a property setting in Navigator. This means users can avoid being tracked themselves by turning on this setting. But in fact, "avoid tracking" is not possible, because most websites do not respect this setting at all.

Instead, they use it as an additional data point to improve the accuracy of user fingerprinting.

In the Lalicat anti fingerprint browser, the default value of "Do Not Track" is "Not Set" or not specified, which means that the user has not made any pre-active choices. This is more normal to "not set" it for the vast majority of Internet users.

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