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Pia S5 Proxy

Pia S5 Proxy is a SOCKS5 proxy server software with 50M+ residential IP addresses in more than 180 countries/regions. Pia S5 Proxy supports the country, state, city, and zip code targeting.

Pia Proxy works on all Windows versions, compatible with macOS, IOS, Android, etc.

pia proxy with lalicat browser

Now I will introduce how to use Pia Proxy with Lalicat Browser in the following steps:

Pia S5 Proxy Settings

1. Download and install Pia S5 Proxy on their official site: https://www.piaproxy.com

2. set the proxy port number on the [Settings] tab of the Pia S5 Proxy. Such as you can set 10 if you want to run 10 IPs at the same time.

Pia S5 Proxy Port Number

On the [ProxyList] tab of Pia S5 Proxy interface, select a country, state, city or zip, then click “Start Proxy

Select Pia S5 Proxy IPs

Then eligible proxy IPs will appear.

Pia S5 Proxy IPs

Multi-port forward: assign multiple proxy IP addresses to different Ports

Right-click an IP, forward port to the proxy, then select a free port.

Pia S5 Proxy Multi-Port Forward

You can view all port information in [PortForwardList]

Pia S5 Proxy PortForwardList

TodayList: You can get proxy IPs you have bought in 24 hours here. Using the IPs here will not waste the number of remaining available IPs.

Pia S5 Proxy TodayList

Lalicat Antidetect Browser Setting

Create a new browser profile in Lalicat browser: [Profile List] - [Add Browser Profile]

Create a New Lalicat Browser Profile

Then enter the profile name, select operating system, browser version, user-agent, and set proxy.

Lalicat Browser Intergrate Pia S5 Proxy

Proxy Settings: Socks5

IP address:

Port: the proxy IP port you want to connect, such as 40000

Then click “Check the network” to check the proxy network connection status. If the IP information in green appears, that means the connection is successful.

Pia S5 Proxy Settings in Lalicat Browser

Dont forget to save the browser profile!

Finally, click “Open” to run the virtual browser.

Run Lalicat Browser Profile

By using Lalicat antidetect browser and Pia S5 proxy, you can create multiple virtual browsers with different browser fingerprints and IP addresses, so you can manage multiple accounts at the same time on one computer, including Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, Google, Youtube, Gmail, and so on.

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