Lalicat Release Notes
Lalicat (2022/07/27)
  • Optimize the fingerprint information such as WEBGL, resolution, Sec-CH-UA, Header, etc. in the kernel;
  • Add local API interface profile/page/pagestate and profile/page/mouseclick
  • Other fingerprint details optimization.

Lalicat (2022/07/08)
  • Optimize the proxy length limit
  • Other fingerprint details optimization

Lalicat (2022/07/01)
  • Added the multi-language function of the application center
  • Added the help center to open the corresponding language page in different languages
  • Optimize the browser UA, WebGL and memory random mechanism to make the fingerprint environment more realistic;
  • Optimize the window resolution display on the mobile terminal

Lalicat (2022/06/13)
  • Fix the problem that the 102 kernel audio fingerprint does not change
  • Other fingerprint details optimization

Lalicat (2022/05/30)
  • Added 102 cores
  • Added chrome 102 version UA
  • Added the option to display the horizontal screen on the mobile device
  • Fix the abnormal problem of excel importing cookies

Lalicat (2022/05/17)
  • Optimize media device fingerprinting
  • Optimize the display of browser plug-in pop-ups
  • Update the UA library on the mobile phone and remove the old UA

Lalicat (2022/05/13)
  • Added SpeechSynthesis API mac iphone windows quick configuration and automatic switching of corresponding information when selecting the system (completed by the system automatically adapts, no manual settings are required)
  • Added sec-ch-ua corresponding system switching (general users only need to select the default [Auto Mode])
  • Optimize the Ctrl + shift + F12 real-life simulation input shortcut key problem

Lalicat (2022/04/25)
  • Increase browser 100 kernel version
  • Added UA versions 100, 99, 98, and 97
  • Fix data error after selecting WebGL renderer

Lalicat (2022/04/22)
  • Solve the 96 kernel setting video device BUG
  • Optimize HTTPS proxy type connections
  • Optimize user upload plugin loading logic

Lalicat (2022/04/17)
  • Optimize the client help center function

Lalicat (2022/04/14)
  • New webgl information is obtained from the collected data, preview webgl json form data;
  • Added the information of webgl, width and height, and DevicePixelRatio of the corresponding system during batch creation and normal creation;
  • When optimizing the browser, the resolution and DevicePixelRatio are adjusted to one line display

When optimizing the browser, the device memory and HardwareConcurrency are adjusted to be displayed in one line.
Note: Currently, websites that cannot be logged in and registered through the website platform account, such as NIKE and Microsoft's hotmail/outlook mailbox, are supported. If the NIKE website encounters a login or registration error, please set the browser UA version to 94 or higher.

Lalicat (2022/04/01)
  • Upgrade the client's own kernel;
  • Optimize browser kernel fingerprinting

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