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Rename A Group

A brief description
  • without
request URL
  • {{url}}/v1/tag/rename
request method
  • get
Request Query parameter
ParameterExample ValueRequiredTypeDescription
tokenYesstringauthentication token
tagIdYesstringgroup id
nameYesstringnew name for the group
Example of successful return
  "data": {
    "tagId": "1024"
  "code": 0,
  "msg": "OK"
Parameter description of the successful return example
tagIdstringgroup id
codeint0: Successful; not 0: failed
Failure return example
  "data": {},
  "code": 416,
  "msg": "Name already exists"

If you update a record whose ID does not exist, the interface will not return an error, so it is inaccurate to judge the update status based on the returned code.

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