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Run Modify and Remove Browser Profiles

1. Run the browser profile

1) Run a browser

After creating a new browser, you can run the Lalicat anti fingerprint browser in the [Profile List]: click "Open".

2) Run multiple browsers at the same time

Select one or more required browsers and click [Run Browser Profile] in [More Operation].

2. Modify the browser

If you have problems with your browser configuration, you can modify the created browser profile to reset each fingerprint parameter.

The browser in idle or in use can be edited and modified. After editing, remember to save the settings and restart the edited browser to make the changes take effect.

On Profile List, select the browser to be modified, and click Edit on the right.

3. Remove the browser profile

Delete a profile

Delete multiple profiles

Select the browser profiles to be deleted and click [Delete].

Click [Confirm] to complete the deletion.

Deleted browser profiles will be moved to the recycle bin.

4. Recycle bin

Within 7 days, the browser profile in the recycle bin can be restored at any time without occupying the available number of browsers.

After the browser profiles have been kept for 7 days, or after actively emptying the recycle bin, the browser will be completely deleted and cannot be restored.

Recover profiles in recycle bin

Recover a profile: click "Recover" on the right of the profile.

Recover multiple profiles: Select the profiles, and click "Recover".

Then click "Confirm".

The recovered profiles will show in Profie List again.

Delete profiles in recycle bin

Delete a profile: click "Delete" on the right of the profile.

Delete multiple profiles: Select the profiles, and click "Delete".

Then click "Confirm".

If you delete profiles in recycle bin, they can't be recovered again.

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