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Send text to web page

A brief description
  • If the parameter value has special symbols, it is recommended to use base64 encoding for transmission to prevent GET transmission failure.
request URL
request method
  • GET
Parameter RequiredTypeDescription
profileIdYesstringBrowser Profile ID
valueYesstringSend a string ( Enter Escape Tab vkLeft vkUp vkRight vkDown vkDelete vkEnd vkHome vkBack) to this web control
elementIdnostringelementId obtained after finding the element by findElement
Request example
  • Parameter elementId acquisition example: First, you can use findElementByID to find the elementId, for example:

You can also use findElementByXPath to find the elementId, for example:

The above args parameter is transmitted using base64 encoding, after decoding it is: //*[@id=”kw”]

The above GET request will return:


In which, 49e49e71-2a55-4e79-a41b-86840ffd18c8 is the elementId to be used.

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