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Tumblr Account Banned

Tumblr was founded in 2007. It is a kind of microblogging. Its founder is David Kapp. Tumblr follows the form of a traditional blog and turns it into a stream of consciousness trivial narration. The log is short and concise, and the trigger point is very random - it can be a photo, a video, an introduction, a link or even a flash. Although Tumblr was not developed based on Twitter (it is based on "tumblelogs", such as projectionist or anarchic), the success of Twitter has provided a way for the development of more microblog applications. Tumblr is actually a service between Twitter and traditional full-featured blogs. As of 2013, the number of users of the website exceeded 20million, and Tumblr said it would further provide value-added services. Before using Tumblr, you need to register an account on the official website to open your own microblog. Tumblr not only supports microblogging on this site but also can synchronize to Facebook and Twitter.

Under Tumblr's expanding business in the global market, lots oAf users want to manage their multiple accounts on Tumblr for business purposes. However, they will meet accounts being banned for various reasons including suspicious behaviors under the smart detection system from Tumblr.

Lalicat Antidetect Browser will help you bypass Tumblr detection system with Proxy IP.

Here is the Youtube Video about how to create and manage multiple Tumblr accounts with Lalicat virtual browser as follows:

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