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WebRTC Set Up

Lalicat fingerprint browser WebRTC feature introduction:

Here, if you don't know what the public network IP is, it is recommended to check the automatic detection IP, so that the browser will automatically detect the exit IP when starting.

Intranet IP address is generally a random once, to ensure that each configuration file is not the same.

Let's take a look at the other parameters:
JS.Navigator is a set of Javascript objects that store various parameters and their values to describe the details of the computer used. The browser has free access to all of the JS.Navigator object parameters. Because of some uniqueness, especially when components are combined, websites can use these parameters to identify and trace user fingerprints.

The website will also analyze the consistency of these settings to reveal fingerprint changes. Such an analysis may expose the use of browser fingerprint random generators.


WebRTC is set to [Altered Type] and the effect is to make the site fail to check that you are using the proxy online and make the site think you are a local computer without having to worry about the native IP address being exposed and detected by the opposing side. At the same time, check the [Public IP] and the [Intranet IP] settings, and check the [Automatically detect IP] function of the public network IP (enhance the camouflage effect)

Disable Type A: To prevent the browser from getting IP, so that the WebRTC function can be used normally. Like Google's Google Voice call, etc.
Disable Type B: Fully disable the WebRTC plug-in function.
Description of principle and detection instructions of WebRTC: https://www.lalicat.com/webrtc-divulges-real-ip-address.

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