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Whoer.Net Detection did not reach 100%

1.Language is different

Solution: Select the corresponding browser language based on the country and region of the set proxy IP. Of course, you can also directly check up the [Set language based on IP], and let the system automatically set up the browser language according to the IP that you set.

This link can check the abbreviation code of languages around the world: https://www.lalicat.com/language


2.DNS mismatch and system time mismatch

These two cases are because the IP library on the detection website is not updated in real-time, not all the IP is the latest, if you use the proxy IP room is adjusted, the IP library of the detection website is old, then there will be wrong information, the detection website is only used to make a reference. Just pull the basic settings in the polite fingerprint browser [start the IP-based setting time zone].

There are two workarounds:

  1. It is recommended to replace the proxy IP and start the operation.
  2. If you are all in the same country and region, you can also ignore this problem.
  3. Or enter this site for verification: https://ip-api.com

As long as you go to this website to see whether the following four parameters show the correct area and time zone is correct, you do not have to worry about the whoer.net website detected system time, different language, and wrong time zone, as long as you check [Start to set time zone based on IP].

ip-api test

Why are the DNS and IP countries different? Does this have an impact on the account number?

This has no relationship and has no impact on the account.

The country that the DNS resolves depends on the website's system and has nothing to do with the IP. For example, your IP is located in the United States, and you visit the US website, although the DNS analysis is conducted in Canada or European countries.

why? Because in this case, the server of the target site is located in Canada or European countries, your request depends on the systems of those servers. If you make a request to the US website, some servers in the US have no time to accept your request, so the request will be sent to the servers in other countries. It is a perfectly normal thing, without any strange phenomena.

This way, DNS does not affect your forehead work and has nothing to do with the quality of IP.

3.Other questions

As long as the following three pieces are displayed in green, it means that you can safely use this browser configuration.

In red indicates a problem with the proxy IP you are using. 

This is this detection site, and the proxy IP you use is blacklisted in the database.

Without checking whether the IP is a clean website, the testing websites on the market are just a reference.

Whether you have an impact on the business, can pass it, mainly depends on the operation of the business website, business website whether you use the proxy IP or enter their website blacklist.

whoer.net test

This situation solution:

  1. Change the IP;
  2. Starting WebRTC is in the disabled mode, but we recommend replacing the mode.

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