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Without Proxy(Direct Connection Mode)

As long as [Without proxy (direct connection mode)] is selected, the local IP will be used.

You need to purchase IPs from the third-party proxy server (IPv6 support) for Lalicat software itself does not provide IP proxy services.


Operation Steps of using a mobile phone hotspot or local proxy SSR, v2rayN.
1) The proxy server settings in the figure above for the [startup proxy server] are not enabled;
2) Please divide 1 IP into 1 Lalicat profile separately with only 1 business account, so that keep each different IP to each different profile and different account separated.
3) If you want to run the second business account, please close the first Lalicat profile, then turn to another line IP, and run the second profile;
4) Operating the 3rd business account is the same as above.

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