A Comparative Analysis: Octoparse vs ParseHub – Unveiling the Power of Visual Web Scraping Tools

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In the present era, the realm of web scraping has transcended its exclusive association with programmers. Visual web scraping tools such as Octoparse and ParseHub have democratized the process, empowering even non-programmers to effortlessly extract desired data from any website without the need to compose a single line of code. These user-friendly tools are so intuitively designed that virtually anyone equipped with a mouse and trackpad can adeptly retrieve data from web pages.

While Octoparse and ParseHub share a common foundation as visual web scraping tools, they do exhibit certain distinctions that can influence the selection of the most suitable tool for your scraping project. For instance, Octoparse boasts more robust debugging capabilities, whereas ParseHub excels in terms of data visualization and export capabilities.

Although Octoparse and ParseHub operate on similar principles as visual web scraping tools, they diverge in their functionalities. Our focus will be on exploring these distinctive features to assist you in making an informed decision between the two web scrapers. Prior to selecting a web scraping tool, it is prudent to discern your specific requirements for data collection and choose the tool that aligns most effectively with your individual needs.

Octoparse VS ParseHub

  1. Supported OS


octoparse operating system

At present, the Octoparse web crawler extends its support to both Windows and Mac operating systems. In the case of Windows, Octoparse accommodates older iterations of the system, including Windows XP. However, it is worth noting that although the latest iteration of Octoparse is version 8, only Octoparse 7 is available for Windows XP, necessitating the installation of Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1. As for Mac users, Octoparse is compatible with macOS 10.14 (Mojave) or subsequent versions (x64). If your operating system or version deviates from the aforementioned specifications, Octoparse may not be the optimal choice for your needs.


parsehub operating system

In the realm of platform compatibility, ParseHub surpasses Octoparse. Upon visiting ParseHub's download page, one will discover its extensive backing for a variety of operating systems, including Windows, Mac, and Linux. Unlike Octoparse, which solely accommodates Windows and Mac, ParseHub extends its support to Linux as well, thereby enjoying a distinct advantage in platform compatibility. Consequently, if one utilizes a Linux distribution, Octoparse becomes inaccessible while ParseHub remains a viable option.

Nevertheless, it is worth mentioning that neither Octoparse nor ParseHub cater to mobile devices, restricting their functionality exclusively to desktop environments.

  1. Price

When contemplating the adoption of a web scraping tool, pricing assumes paramount significance. The two web scrapers under scrutiny in this article are both premium solutions, entailing the provision of free plans that come with certain restrictions. Consequently, it might become necessary to consider subscribing to their paid counterparts. It is crucial to underscore that the pricing models for both web scraping tools revolve around a monthly billing structure.


octoparse price

Upon perusing Octoparse's pricing page, one will discern its commendable affordability. Beyond the evident constraints of the free tier, Octoparse extends the availability of three alternative subscription plans. Among these options, the Standard plan stands as the most modestly priced, amounting to a monthly fee of $75. Moreover, Octoparse caters to diverse user requirements by offering professional plans and enterprise plans, tailored to meet the exigencies of enterprises with substantial capability demands.


parsehub price

When evaluating the free tiers of ParseHub and Octoparse, our recommendation leans towards ParseHub's offering due to its more extensive feature set, despite the presence of certain limitations. Notably, ParseHub positions itself as a web scraping tool that emphasizes its free functionality. However, it is worth noting that beyond its free tier, ParseHub emerges as one of the more expensive options within this context. The entry-level tier, known as the Standard tier, commands a monthly price tag of $155. Furthermore, ParseHub's Professional plan entails a subscription fee of $505, surpassing Octoparse's pricing in terms of cost.

  1. Methods of Data extraction


octoparse data extraction

Compared to its counterparts in the realm of web scraping tools, Octoparse exhibits a slightly diminished performance. Notably, Octoparse's data selection capabilities are limited to XPATH, leaving users with the alternative option of manually clicking on the interface to select data. Although XPATH itself is not inherently deficient - given its efficacy in node selection from web documents - its exclusive reliance necessitates users' proficiency in XPATH, thereby introducing an additional layer of complexity for many users.


parsehub data extraction

ParseHub surpasses Octoparse in terms of its repertoire of data selection capabilities. In addition to accommodating point-and-click interfaces and XPATH, ParseHub goes a step further by offering support for CSS selectors. This particular feature proves advantageous for users possessing a background in web development, as it simplifies the data selection process. Furthermore, ParseHub boasts support for regular expressions, enabling users to extract data that may be concealed within intricate textual layers. Such extensive data selection features elevate ParseHub's versatility and empower users to retrieve information from deep within the web content.


Upon conducting a thorough comparison of Octoparse and ParseHub, it becomes apparent that the two tools exhibit more similarities than disparities. Consequently, in the majority of cases, the choice of tool is relatively inconsequential, as both can adequately cater to most visual web scraping projects.

Nonetheless, based on our experience, Octoparse emerges as the more straightforward and user-friendly option when juxtaposed with ParseHub. This advantage stems from Octoparse's streamlined functionality and its lower cost in comparison. Conversely, ParseHub reigns supreme in this domain, provided one is capable of accommodating its higher-priced package, owing to its augmented feature set. For those operating within a constrained budget, ParseHub's free tier stands as an excellent alternative.

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