How to do Amazon Assessment Test?

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With the end of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, merchants around the world have once again felt the vitality of the Amazon platform. Statistics show that during this year's Black Friday Cyber Monday alone, Amazon's global consumers purchased hundreds of millions of items, setting a record high. However, today's Amazon market is very competitive, and in order to stand out in today's Amazon, many sellers have to choose to conduct Amazon assessment test.

Amazon Assessment Test

What is the Amazon assessment test?

Simply put, Amazon assessment test means that Amazon sellers contact Amazon buyers who have needs for products through evaluation intermediaries, social media, and other channels, allowing buyers to enter the store to purchase products through the platform, and after buyers receive the products, let them Leave a high-quality and true comprehensive evaluation on the seller itself and a series of services such as products on the Amazon platform.

Why do Amazon assessment test?

First of all, the evaluation of the store itself and the ratings and evaluations of the products can greatly affect the Amazon platform’s evaluation of the seller’s account and products, which in turn can affect exposure, traffic, and ultimately product sales. Therefore, through part of the evaluation to ensure the high-quality review scores of your own stores and products, you can guarantee the final sales to a certain extent.

Second, as mentioned at the beginning of the article, Amazon is still booming, but today's market competition is already very fierce. It is difficult to quickly obtain stable traffic support for products through conventional white hat operation methods. Therefore, by influencing Amazon's reviews of stores and products through Amazon assessments, more traffic tilts can be obtained, which in turn can lead to greater sales.

How to do Amazon assessments?

There are mainly three types of assessment methods before: real-person assessments, machine assessments, and manual assessments.

First is the real-person assessments. Through acquaintance channels or EDM marketing and other methods that can ensure that real people place orders, and contact real buyers to search, add and place orders for products. This method requires very stable resources, which is impossible for most sellers.

Second, machine assessments. Through an intermediary or an intermediary platform, use software to conduct batch assessments. This method is very risky, and mechanical repetitive behaviors can easily cause platform detection and affect account security.

Finally, manual assessments. It is similar to machine assessments, but it is operated by real people, and the risk will be slightly lower. However, most of them are carried out by intermediaries or evaluation teams, and the cost will be relatively high.

Now, with Amazon’s stricter supervision and testing, more and more sellers have given up these traditional evaluation methods and turned to batch maintenance by themselves to create their own private assessment accounts.

Register Amazon accounts in batches

Maintaining an account by yourself can ensure the purity of the account to the greatest extent, thereby ensuring the stability of comments and the safety of the store. At present, batch accounts maintenance is mainly carried out through multi-login browser tools such as Lalicat anti fingerprint browser.

You can refer to the Amazon accounts registration and login in batches tutorial:

Use a tool to register and login in batches, and after a period of maintenance, use a clean account to manually submit reviews to the store. Through the simulation of software and hardware information and browser fingerprints, Lalicat allows each account to have an independent environment, so that reviews can be stably obtained on the basis of ensuring security.

In addition to being used for Amazon assessments, Lalicat anti fingerprint browser can also be directly used for store operations, and has many other functions that are very suitable for Amazon sellers, and are very suitable for Amazon sellers.

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