Five Uses of Antidetect Browser

Thu Dec 22 2022admin

For the entire cross-border e-commerce circle in 2022, the most concerned tool is undoubtedly the antidetect browser. What is the anti-detect browser for? Many people use antidetect browsers to prevent store associations or to maintain multiple accounts. However, antidetect browsers can be used for much more than these.

Lalicat antidetect browser

Generally speaking, antidetect browsers are currently widely used in five areas.

  1. Cross-border e-commerce store operation

For the vast majority of people who have heard of the fingerprint browser, using it for the operation of cross-border e-commerce stores should be the most important use.

By simulating the software and hardware information of computers and other devices, the fingerprint browser makes the cookies, local storage and other cache files of each browser file all isolated, and browsers cannot leak configuration file information from each other, thereby avoiding account associations. Combined with proxies to configure a separate IP for each browser, it can simulate the browsers of computers and mobile phones in any country and region, and truly realize that one computer can open multiple browsers with different fingerprint information at the same time.

In this way, the anti-association effect of the anti fingerprint browser is far better than that of the traditional VPS cloud server. In addition, current fingerprint anti-association browsers such as Lalicat antidetect browser also have many other functions that can help store operations, so they are more popular with cross-border sellers.

  1. Maintain Multiple accounts for assessment test

Product assessment is one of the important means for the e-commerce industry to obtain market information and product feedback, especially for cross-border e-commerce.

For a long time, the intermediaries and resources of assessment tests have not been transparent. Even if most small and medium-sized sellers want to understand the market or launch products through assessments, they do not have low-cost and efficient means. The appearance of anti-fingerprint browsers has broken this deadlock. Anyone can manage a large number of e-commerce platform accounts at the same time as long as they use an antidetect browser. That is, in this way, you can maintain a batch of safe and clean accounts for your own business needs.

  1. FaceBook Advertise

New media operations often build an operation matrix through multiple accounts, so as to cover traffic more comprehensively. Moreover, Facebook began to limit the promotion amount of each account from the end of 2020, which intensified the multi-account operation needs of each merchant.

Therefore, it has become a common practice in the field of FaceBook advertising to use an anti fingerprint browser to manage multi-account.

  1. EMU

To put it simply, EMU is to use technical means to meet the promotion needs of advertisers, so as to earn commissions. In this process, a very important point is the construction of the environment.

The anti-fingerprint browser can create different software and hardware environments, so as to ensure that the real information will not be detected and ensure the smooth progress of EMU.

  1. Game account registration

This use is somewhat distant from the cross-border industry, but antidetect browsers can also shine here.

In most online games, there are many active people or studio groups based on trading systems inside and outside the game, who make profits through the trading of game money, props, or accounts. This kind of scenario often also requires setting up different browser environments on the same computer for account registration or multiple transactions. So the fingerprint browser also is popular here.

In fact, apart from the most commonly used fields, anti-detect browsers also has more functions and uses. If you want to learn about fingerprint browsers, Lalicat antidetect browser with a free trial will be a good choice.

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