Five Advantages of Lalicat Anonymous Browser

Sat Nov 26 2022admin

Ordinary browsers have functions such as cookies, personalized advertisements, and browsing history tracking. In this case, user privacy cannot be guaranteed. If you attach great importance to the privacy and anonymity of the Internet, you can use the proxy together with the anonymous browser to securely encrypt the computer data, hide the real IP and browser fingerprint information, and achieve anonymous Internet access.

Lalicat anonymous browser

Five advantages of Lalicat antidetect browser:

  1. Simulate real user hardware parameters

Lalicat anonymous browser can set different security codes, area codes, CMOS, hard disks, and operating systems to solve the problem related to hardware.

  1. Support custom parameters

At present, some browsers on the market directly set the software and hardware parameters of the browser, so although it is easy to get started at the beginning, the anti-leakage ability is weak, and it is easy to be penetrated by large websites, and the anonymity effect is poor.

Parameters that can be modified by Lalicat fingerprint browser:

Hardware: CPU, memory, graphics card, sound card, computer monitor resolution, computer mac address

Software: font, time zone, operating system, UA, etc.

  1. Run directly on the local computer

Users do not need to configure additional servers, which reduces the difficulty and cost of operation.

  1. WebRTC function

An anonymous browser needs to be used with a proxy if it wants to be truly anonymous. The function of the WebRTC function is to make the website unable to detect the existence of the proxy, thinking that it is a computer that actually exists at the location of the IP address.

  1. Simulate multi-platform operating system

Lalicat supports simulating Windows, Mac OS, Linux, IOS, and Android systems.

The difference between Lalicat anonymous browser and others:

Lalicat anonymous browser achieves real physical isolation by completely modifying the underlying code of the Chromium kernel, the fingerprint camouflage effect is real, the anti-association effect is good, and the browser is more fluent.

Other software of the same type only uses JS to simulate and modify fingerprint parameters, which is easy to be penetrated and controlled by risk.

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