How to ensure that the environment created by the fingerprint browser is unique?

Wed Nov 16 2022admin

Fingerprint browsers can make users anonymous online and allows users to use the Internet with multiple identities safely and quickly. The basis of incognito browsing is the creation of a virtual browsing environment. To be incognito, a new browser profile must be created, which contains details such as the user's geographic location, operating system, and browser fingerprints you wish to display.

And the fingerprint browser also saves browsing cookies and browsing session data to its unique profile. So how does a fingerprint browser ensure that all browser profiles of a user are unique?

Taking the popular Lalicat antidetect browser as an example, why can Lalicat create unique browser environments? It can be considered from proxy and browser fingerprinting.

1. Proxy

A proxy server is an intermediary between a computer and the Internet. Users receive and send traffic through this server, and when traffic comes in, the proxy server relays it to you.
People connect their devices through proxy servers to access the internet anonymously. Lalicat antidetect browser saves session data to its unique browser profiles, the data on these profiles will be unique when using different proxies for different profiles.

2. Browser fingerprinting

When users use the Internet, they are sure to leave a trail with important details about their browsing session. The information a website can obtain about you from a browser footprint includes your IP address, location, device, and the browser used to access the website.

When marketers or cross-border e-commerce sellers create multiple accounts using Lalicat fingerprint browser, the software enables them to customize all these parameters. After the browsing session, the browser traces and the information it holds are saved in a specific configuration file, which not only facilitates the management of multiple accounts, but also prevents the official platform from judging multiple accounts being associated due to the same browser fingerprints.

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