How to deal with a disabled Facebook ads account?

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Facebook ads may be rejected in numerous instances, and while this may pose a setback to your Facebook marketing campaign, it is not an insurmountable issue. However, when your Facebook ad account is disabled, the impact can be significant. In such cases, receiving an alert that "your Facebook ad account has been disabled" would undoubtedly send shivers down the spine of any Facebook advertiser.

Unlike a rejected ad, having your ad account disabled implies that your entire ad campaign may come to a standstill. Although this is undoubtedly a daunting prospect, it does not signify the end of the road. In fact, even though disabling a Facebook ad account can negatively affect your business operations, you still have the opportunity to reactivate a disabled Facebook ad account. By understanding the reasons for ad account bans, the methods for lifting them, and the importance of maintaining the security of your ad accounts, you can prevent such incidents from occurring and ensure that your ad campaigns run smoothly.

Why Can’t You Access Your Advertising Account?

There are various potential causes for being locked out of your Facebook ad account. Firstly, your personal Facebook account may be subjected to a ban. Once this occurs, access to the advertising account becomes unattainable. Nevertheless, your ads will continue to be broadcasted and expenses will be deducted. Any other individual with Business Manager clearance can still log in and optimize ads. However, for users whose personal accounts have been banned, accessing the advertising account is an insurmountable barrier. Another possible explanation for being denied entry to your ad account is that the account itself has been disabled, which is one of the most prevalent scenarios.

Frequent reasons for Facebook ads account disabled

  1. Ads that are against platform rules

Numerous marketers have had their ad accounts disabled on Facebook for violating the platform's terms of service. Even the slightest infraction can compel a company to disable your ad account, which can deal a significant blow to any marketing campaign. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that any ads you run adhere to your company's terms of service.

It is important to note that Facebook strictly prohibits content that promotes sex, violence, gambling, and other vices. These violations are the primary areas that result in the banning of many ad accounts. Moreover, dating ads from unauthorized dating vendors or ads that promise to help people earn money through dubious means can also breach the terms of service and restrict your ad account.

If you desire a seamless advertising experience on Facebook, it is imperative to carefully read the Terms of Service to ensure that your ads are fully compliant. Failure to comply with the platform's policies could result in the suspension or even permanent banning of your ad account, which could have serious repercussions on your marketing efforts.

  • Unauthorized ads

Advertising is a critical component of any marketing strategy, but Facebook conducts a thorough review of ads before they are published. However, in many instances, ad accounts are banned due to an excess of rejected ads. If your ad is rejected, Facebook may assume that you have not carefully reviewed the terms of use and advertising policies, and limiting your ad account may be the only recourse available to the platform.

To ensure that your ads are approved for publication, it is essential to meticulously review the Advertising Policies and Terms of Use to understand the dos and don'ts of ad creation. In particular, you should exercise caution when posting a large number of ads, as this could trigger alarm bells on Facebook. Posting too many ads can lead to disapproval, negatively impact your ad performance, and potentially result in the deactivation of your ad account.

  • Use different IPs to login

Comparable to other websites, Facebook has a tendency to link logging into multiple devices with online fraud, which numerous advertisers may be unaware of. Employing multiple devices for logging in is deemed an unusual activity and can culminate in the deactivation of your advertisement account. Although your account will not be immediately disabled, Facebook is expected to take measures if this pattern persists.

To guarantee your safety, it is recommended to log in using a single device whenever feasible. If this is not possible, primarily during business trips or while being away from the office, it is recommended to log in using your mobile device.

How to solve the disabled ad account?

  1. Request a review to the official

One of the methodologies to lift a ban on a Facebook ad account is to request a review. While infrequent, it is feasible for your account to be erroneously closed. If you believe that your account has been wrongly flagged, you can petition for a review. Nonetheless, it is advised to do so only if you are certain that an error has occurred.

Upon completion of the ad account review, your account will either be restored or banned permanently. During the appeals process, it is crucial to maintain a courteous and respectful demeanor. Commence by expressing gratitude to the review team for dedicating their time to assessing the ban. Then, in a concise manner, outline what took place without overcomplicating the situation.

It is vital to recognize that appealing a ban on an ad account can be a protracted process. However, if you believe that the ban was unwarranted, it may be worth it. By following the appropriate protocol and exhibiting professionalism and respect throughout the appeals process, it is plausible that you can regain access to your advertising account.

  1. Open a new ad account

In the event that your Facebook ad account is not reinstated, you may feel disheartened, but there are a few tips that can help you keep your marketing campaigns running.

The most feasible option is to create a new business account. If you are unable to create a new business manager, you may also consider using a family member, friend, or colleague's account, but it is crucial to follow all Facebook advertising guidelines to avoid any further complications. At the same time, you can leverage the antidetect browser to guarantee account security in the following operations.

In addition to opening a new account, you may also consider other advertising channels that are less restrictive. Native advertising is a great option as it has been shown to be as effective as Facebook marketing while also being engaging and entertaining. Furthermore, you can explore other channels such as Reddit Ads, Amazon Ads, Twitter Ads, Pinterest Ads, and Quora Ads. It is important to understand their guidelines and regulations when using these channels to avoid being banned again.

Remember, even if your Facebook account is disabled, don't lose hope as there are still many other options available. Rather than giving up in despair, it is better to be courageous and try out new advertising channels to bring more opportunities and growth to your business.

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