How to prevent Facebook accounts from being banned?

Fri Apr 22 2022admin

As the world's largest social networking site, Facebook initially only provided young people with an interactive platform to communicate with each other and share their daily life. Nowadays, with its development, it has become a portal for any user to talk, show themselves and express their personalized needs. Therefore, a large number of merchants pay attention to the huge traffic behind it and start brand promotion and marketing on Facebook. So how to prevent Facebook accounts from being banned?


Facebook only allows one user to sign up for one account, if something makes Facebook feel like you have multiple accounts, your accounts will be banned.

Every time you log in to your account, the Facebook platform will detect your Internet environment, your IP, browser records and even your hardware information, which will become your unique fingerprint. When the information of two accounts is the same, Facebook will consider them as associated accounts. Once it is considered to be an associated account, it is difficult to escape the ban of the accounts.

So you need choose a suitable antidetect browser and try it. Lalicat anti detect browser can help you hide real fingerprints by using the generated browser profile.

First of all, it has a powerful physical isolation function. The online environment of each account is different. As long as this browser, you can log in to all your accounts without association. Lalicat anti detect browser is really suitable for people who want to register accounts in batch!

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