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In some use cases, such as e-commerce task demands us manage multiple accounts in a team to avoid account banned, we not only need different IP addresses, but also to hide our real fingerprints in one place or computer, including browser, platform, screen resolution, operation system, and other parameters. Even more, the browser profiles also need to be shared with each other in a team. All these demands will cause more or less a risk between multiple accounts detected by the e-commerce platform.
Under this special task, we can use an antidetect browser, Lalicat, which allows us to work with multiple browser profiles on any platform like eBay, Amazon, Lazada, Etsy, under the core technology of virtual fingerprints to be detected as native, genuine fingerprints by the platforms, that keeping multiple accounts safe and natural, actually keep our accounts safe and like used from real different users.

With the help of Lalicat Browser, we replace multiple virtual machines or computers with virtual browser profiles to perform our tasks.
As a big bonus for SmartProxy users, Lalicat provides 7 days trial by sending a promo code “Smartproxy” to Lalicat Online Service.

Now, as following it is the simple steps of using SmartProxy in Lalicat.

1. Registered account in Smartproxy and get resident IPs from the service online, or view the backend of SmartProxy and 4 parameters as follow: IP address, Port, Proxy Username, Proxy Password.

2. Log in to Lalicat, click the browser list and add browser as follow:

3. Input the profile name as [smartproxy-test1]; and select [Windows] as Operating system ( better to choose the real OS you used.)

4. Select”HTTP” as Proxy type, and enter [us.visitxiangtan.com] as IP address, [10000] as Port; [user-proxy username] as Login Proxy Username, enter Proxy Login Password we registered or new user we added in the backend, all listed as following screenshot:

all others parameters set as default. and save the profile.

5. Click [Check the proxy] to confirm the proxy is linked or not.
if green “IP address and Country ” appeared, means all is ok, if not, please check the proxy setting in detail, ask for service online for help from Lalicat or SmartProxy.

6. Run Lalicat Browser to manage your multiple accounts online now.

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