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Lalicat Fingerprint Browser can help you manage multiple browser profiles, and support team cooperation on sharing multiple profiles to each others for setting up business workflow efficiently. In other cases, Lalicat antidetect browser also offer local API to operate multiple accounts automately.

  1. Lalicat Features.

A. Multi Account anti Association Management.
It supports running multiple accounts at the same time, and sets a different login environment for each account through antidetect browser fingerprint technology. Each browser profile can be configured with a separate IP. Cloud synchronization technology makes the browser cache data never lost.

B. Simulate browser fingerprint
By simulating varied fingerprint information from different computer or mobile device, the cookies and local storage of each browser profile will be completely isolated and different to prevent the accounts association or linked.

C. Configuration with independent IP for each profile.
Each browser profile can be set with a proxy IP, so that each account with each saved browser profile can not only maintain the stability of the login IP environment, but also match a stable time zone, language, longitude and latitude of the corresponding country based on the IP address.

D. Local API.
Lalicat anti fingerprint browser supports the local rest API interface function, that can automatically create, run and close the browser, read and write account configuration information, configure proxy IP and other API functions, and support selenium and puppeter automation framework.

E. Cross Regional Team Workflow.
Lalicat browser supports sub account management and authority allocation, can freely share and transfer profile to any other mother account or sub account, and keep the profile fingerprint data stable without logging in to the website account again across different computers or other devices.

  1. Lalicat Advantage.

A. Lalicat browser offer unlimited fingerprints and user agent that can get a good anonymous effect.
Lalicat will update the fingerprint database every week that can safely and efficiently prevent the risk control detection from the global platforms, and complete the operation needs on the web page in most industries.

B. Lalicat can be used in a wide range of platforms and can operate in many businesses.
Lalicat Browsers can simulate a variety of operating systems, such as Windows, Mac OS and Linux on the PC, IOS, Android and Lumia systems, are suitable for global e-commerce websites, social media, ads agencies and other multi platform services.

C. Dedicated R & D Technology Team.
With dozens of years' practical experience in fingerprint technology, our technology team are dedicated in the research of browser anti Association fingerprint technology, and can perfectly combine the latest technology with the needs of customers to apply into the software, and maintain the software update at least once a week.

D. Fully recognized by our numous users.
Lalicat browser was launched several years ago, has get a great improvement in functions, from canvas fingerprint technology, webrtc function, rich browser automation API and others, and fully recognized by our users.

  1. Lalicat Functions.

A. Anti Association Multi Account Management.
Lalicat can generate multiple physically isolated and anti Association anti fingerprint browsers on the same computer. By simulating the software and hardware fingerprint information of computer or mobile phone device, the cookies, local storage and other cache files of each browser file will be completely isolated, and the browser configuration files cannot disclose information to each other, so as to prevent the association of network accounts due to the same browser fingerprints.

B. Simulate browser software and hardware fingerprint.

Simulate the functions of target browser through virtual fingerprint information of different devices, such as canvas, platform OS, navigator, webrtc, time zone, CPU, memory, browser UA, system font, graphics card webgl, resolution, sound card, longitude and latitude, computer name and MAC address, so as to carry out the purpose of multiple account registration, login, management and other operations.

  1. Lalicat Use Cases.

Lalicat fingerprint browser is able to offer real physical isolation by completely modifying the underlying code of chromium kernel. The fingerprint camouflage effect is real, the anti association effect is good, the browser is used more smoothly, the application platform is wider, and it is not easy to be penetrated by the target website and detected by risk control.

E-commerce: Amazon Reviews, eBay, wish, shopee, lazada and other cross-border e-commerce platform operation and other standalone sites.

Social media marketing: Facebook Ads, INS, tiktok, news media posting, fans, comment, etc;

Account registration: Amazon buyer account, Google, various email, FB, PayPal, eBay, Twitter, pornhub, Tinder and other platforms;

Affiliate Marketing: CPA advertising, Shareasale and CJ multiple advertising accounts operations;

Game industry: game account, developer account registration and management, anchor popularity and other leading demand;

Network information crawler, online traffic industry, advertising verification users and SEOers;

Including but not limited to the above businesses. As long as it is a business that can be done on the web page, it can use Lalicat fingerprint browser to complete the operation repeatedly in batch.

  1. Our unique technology.

A. Customized DNS and browser parameters;

B. Support custom SSL fingerprint settings;

C. Customize longitude and latitude settings based on IP address;

D. Support selenium API;

E. The browser has built-in full language translation function of the whole website;

F. Custom leak proof computer name and MAC address;

G. Support cookie import and export, local storage and cloud synchronization;

H. Customize the SpeechSynthesis interface of webpage voice API;

I. Support the input speed customization and simulated real people to copy and paste avoid website detection.

J. Support the mobile device mode and all function in the screen touch events after run the mobile browser profile.

K. The physical isolation of the browser fingerprint environment is independent of each other, supports configuring proxy IP without association.

L. Continuously updated browser fingerprint database, browser configuration file cloud synchronization, software is not limited for multiple devices login;

M. Customize the charging percentage of the device battery, whether it is charging, charging time, service time and Bluetooth API fingerprints;

N. The team cooperation sub account can share the fingerprint profile to the team and get team work cooperation on log in, and management on webpage.

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