How to manage multiple Twitter accounts using Lalicat virtual browser?

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Twitter is one of the most popular social media networks in the world. People from all over the world use this network to share information. In addition, many individuals and organizations use Twitter for marketing. These individuals and organizations often face a big problem - they need multiple Twitter accounts, but you may know that Twitter does not allow access from the same IP to create multiple accounts.

Multiple Twitter Accounts

Why your Twitter account may be suspended:

Violating community guidelines:

Some of the most common violations that come under this are account impersonations, abusive and offensive words, and sending threats to other accounts. Also, suppose you are posting sensitive data in the form of graphic photos, text, or videos that are not for the public to view, such as adult content and violence. In that case, your account may be suspended, even permanently.


Most of the Twitter accounts that get suspended are spam. These are primarily fake accounts that hold a security risk for the platform and its users. Since spamming is against the rule of Twitter, these types of accounts will get suspended immediately.

Unfortunately, at times, some people’s accounts may get suspended by mistake. However, there are chances that Twitter’s algorithm may catch slight irregularities in a real person’s account and deem it spam or a fake account, although it is not. If this is the case, the person can appeal, and twitter’s team will take care of the investigation.

Security risks:

If the Twitter algorithm determines an account to be compromised, the account will get suspended until the original owner of the account safely restores the account.

When a Twitter account is under potential security risk, such as hackers trying to get into your account, the account will get suspended to prevent any suspicious activity from happening on the platform.

Promoting destructive content, extremism, and/or child exploitation:

Your account may be suspended if you post and promote ideas of suicide, self-harm, bullying, terrorism, and child exploitation, such as child labor or sexual violence against children.

Illegal activities:

If twitter finds that your account is dealing with illegal drugs or that you are a participant in any illegal transaction such as buying or selling drugs, services, and goods, your account will be suspended.

Therefore, you must register multiple Twitter accounts using browsers with different IP addresses.

The reason for using multiple Twitter accounts is to market. It makes sense to create multiple Twitter accounts and manage them in a way that supports the growth of major business accounts. In addition, some people can benefit from this approach as part of alliance marketing activities. Of course, you can also do this just for fun, because managing some profiles on Twitter can be fun.

Using conventional web browsers, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Opera, mature web browsers have a user-friendly interface and many useful options, but they usually don't let users hide their IP. Of course, there are some plug-ins that can help you, but these plugins are made by third-party developers, and no one can guarantee that they are safe. In other words, you need a browser that hides IP addresses, a browser designed specifically for this purpose. Lalicat virtual browser is a good example of this kind of browser.

Lalicat virtual browser is designed with privacy, anonymity, and security in mind, allowing people to create multiple Twitter accounts and easily manage them. As we said earlier, you can also try to create multiple Chrome profiles at the same time, but there is always a risk, because Chrome was not originally built for this purpose.

When you use a browser like Lalicat antidetect browser, you can configure the virtual profile immediately after the browser starts. You can select the session information you want. For advanced Internet protection, you can choose a secure proxy IP that allows you to process multiple Twitter accounts at once. In fact, you can also use it to manage other social media networks. With tools such as Lalicat virtual browser, you can use different IP addresses for each profile.

You can easily set up time zones and other information that will help your Twitter profile look real. As a result, it is almost impossible for Twitter to detect any fouls. You can tweet from all your accounts at the same time without worrying about being suspended. In short, you will be able to access multiple Twitter accounts on one computer.

Lalicat virtual browser has different plans, such as personal, solo, team, and scale, which contains different numbers of browser profiles, and sub-accounts, and you also can customize the plan according to your need.

Now, new users can get a 3-day free trial. Download Lalicat virtual browser and contact us!

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