How to efficiently manage multiple accounts on different platforms?

Sat Jul 16 2022admin

Now more and more social media users and e-commerce sellers, in order to get more traffic, will register multiple Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Google, Gmail, Amazon, and other platform accounts.

If you need to distribute content and videos to 10 platforms, it will take a lot of time to distribute all of them. At the same time, you need to ensure that they are all uploaded successfully. You will find that this is actually very repetitive work, and it is very laborious to operate.

Today, the Internet has gradually become the best way to communicate with customers and the best channel for product promotion. Even a small platform may have an impact on your business, so how can we efficiently manage multiple accounts on different platforms?

Manage Multiple Accounts

1. Facebook
is the world's leading photo-sharing website and a very famous social networking site with a large number of users. Many people are active on Facebook every day.

If you want to set up multiple accounts yourself, Facebook is a good place to start, but new accounts don’t have to operate frequently and rush ads, and try to simulate the real user experience as much as possible.

2. Twitter
is a mobile social media and microblogging service, and although it was two years behind Facebook, it sold fast and is now very popular around the world. With nearly 200 million users, Twitter is a huge platform and a huge market.

Twitter allows users to create more accounts than Facebook, but is very strict with platform account auditing. Many user accounts are considered bots because they operate inappropriately or too often, resulting in their accounts being banned.

3. Instagram
is a social product owned by Facebook, and although it was launched late, it has exploded in user numbers due to low barriers to entry, and it is now a major force in the social platform. And there are a lot of marketers doing a great job on Instagram.

4. Youtube
is an online video sharing and social media platform, and there are lots of users sharing their videos around the world.

5. Google
is the world's Internet giant, with businesses including Internet search, cloud computing, and advertising technology. A Google account has a lot of features, and if you have a Google account, you can enjoy a wide range of applications and services. Google Accounts are extremely valuable, so when you have multiple Google Accounts, manage them carefully!

6. Gmail
is Google's free webmail service that permanently stores important emails, files, and pictures. Gmail is also an important way for many people to connect work and everyday life.

7. Amazon
is the largest online e-commerce company in the United States, with a global presence. Operating multiple accounts on a trading platform that attaches great importance to product quality and service requires compliance with the rules. Amazon is one of them, and every year a large number of store accounts are frozen.

The efficient way to manage multiple accounts
The problem most people have with managing multiple accounts on a social platform like Facebook or a selling platform like Amazon is that they can't manage those accounts effectively or run them in a standardized way, which can lead to cause unnecessary trouble.

In fact, you have nothing to worry about! Lalicat anti fingerprint browser, as an excellent virtual browser, uses excellent technology to help you create countless independent virtual browser environments. So you don't have to worry about configuring multiple files and it helps you manage multiple accounts efficiently on different platforms.

Lalicat multiple application scenarios

1. Lalicat anti-fingerprint browser supports account cookie import, and each cookie environment is isolated from each other, so that each account environment, cache, and IP can be completely independent, avoiding suspicious websites.

2. Integrate mainstream IP proxy protocols on the market: HTTP/HTTPS/Socks4/Socks5, support mainstream IP proxy services (911s5 proxy, Bright Data/Luminati proxy, Oxylabs proxy, Smartproxy, NetNut proxy, etc.).

3. Anti-association browser fingerprint technology, support to modify and set Canvas, WebGL, Audio, time zone, WebRTC, geographic location, language, UA, resolution, font, do not track, Flash, port protection, and other browser fingerprint parameters.

4. Support the team collaboration and permission settings of the main account and sub-accounts, and efficiently manage the operation team.

5. Open plugin center function, and support plugin upload.

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