Antidetect browser for multiple accounts operation in business

Fri Jul 22 2022admin

What is Antidetect browser?

An antidetect browser is an application based on popular web browsers, like Firefox or Chrome, and created virtual browser profiles in separate browsing environments with unique digital fingerprints, different browser headers, browser font, language, mac address, WebGL, WebRTC, canvas, and other identifying information. so that, websites can’t detect those browsing environments from one another, so they can avoid profile link detection for multiple account operations. that is the main purpose of using anti-detect browsers. and popular to be used on social media, e-commerce platforms like Amazon, or Google Adwords, carding, ticketing, and traffic arbitrage.

Why use Antidetect browser?

Around the purpose of using antidetect browser, we can easily find multiple accounts operated with the traditional way in platforms, which will cause accounts to be banned one by one, for the same browsing environment or browsing fingerprints. Antidetect Browser can offer unique browser fingerprints for each browser profile as follow picture.

One account to one unique profile and IP, so that keeping separated from each other. Our purpose of avoiding multiple accounts association is able to come true easily in this way.

How does Antidetect browser help me with my business?

Generally speaking, an antidetect browser will cut our cost of managing multiple accounts, compared with traditional VPS, which will cost high in multiple VPS for multiple accounts. and also improved team workflow efficiency with the help of sharing or transferring profiles with accounts with team members.

For an e-commerce business, under the multiple accounts operation, sellers have lots of opportunities as the market seems to become more crowded. For many sellers on Amazon, eBay, and Lazada, the key to making money from these platforms is to spread the different products across multiple online stores and catch more opportunities to place them in the front of views area on the platform page to their customers. It also means you can expand your full product range without being limited by your brand - if you add products in different categories on amazon or eBay, and do not need to fit them into one brand and one category.

For lots of online marketing businesses, such as social media accounts, google ads, ads agencies, and affiliate programs, an Anti detect browser will help account owners easily run multiple accounts without being banned for linked banned accounts or suspicious behaviors in IP or Browser fingerprinting.

Some anonymous industries, such as surveys online, also need antidetect browser for anti-tracking by the platforms.

Crawling online businesses also need antidetect browser for IP or browser banned from the detection system on the crawled websites, such as Adidas, Nike, Apple, or other famous official sites.
For more can view our Use cases.

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