Why do more and more people choose to use fingerprint browsers?

Mon Oct 24 2022admin

To say what browsers cross-border e-commerce sellers are using now, it must be fingerprint browsers. As far as I know, many people are using Lalicat fingerprint browser, and most of them will use fingerprint browsers for batch-registering accounts for Amazon reviews or Facebook ads for more traffic. There are also some cross-border e-commerce users who use Lalicat fingerprint browser to help them manage multiple stores and prevent account association.

How does Lalicat browser help users?

Lalicat browser is a antidetect browser, which is similar to a local virtual machine, so you do not need to buy a VPS server, you can generate multiple different browser environments on the same computer, and manage multiple browsers on the same website at the same time. account. Using Lalicat fingerprint browser, you only need a computer with Internet access to manage accounts in batches.

Lalicat browser creation environment is unlimited, which means that unlimited browser profiles with different fingerprint parameters can be created, with enough real browser UA, WebGL, WebRTC, font type, resolution parameters, etc., without the need for Find your browser fingerprint on your own. The most important thing is that these browser fingerprint parameters can be customized and very flexible.

Use Lalicat antidetect browser to simulate it as a local device in the target country, and you can configure a fixed static IP address in each browser configuration file to achieve multi-platform and multi-account login for global websites. For example, configuring the US proxy IP in the browser and setting the browser language to English will simulate a US computer or other device.

Lalicat antidetect browser is suitable for many industries. The core value of this software is the ability to create a unique fingerprint for each browser without restriction. With the flexible use of the fingerprint browser, you can use it to create unlimited earning possibilities!

You can use Lalicat browser to test the ranking of Amazon stores in various countries. One of the rankings of Amazon stores is based on search criteria, you can launch browser profiles in different languages ​​and configurations, and search for the same keywords to view rankings.

You can log in, operate, and manage multiple accounts at the same time without linking. Compared with the traditional method, it needs to be equipped with enough computers to achieve this effect, and using the Lalicat fingerprint browser can save a lot of time and labor costs.

Summary: Lalicat fingerprint browser can solve the core problems of multi-account users in various industries, help users with multiple accounts to save management time and cost, and also have functions that conventional browsers cannot achieve, such as automated management and team collaboration. Therefore, Lalicat anti-detect browser is increasingly favored by users in the advertising and e-commerce industries.

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