Integrate YiLuProxy with Lalicat Antidetect Browser

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YiLuProxy is a residential proxy server, that supports Socks5 and HTTP proxy protocols, and offers 90M+ million dynamic rotating residential proxy and datacenter proxy IPs from global 200+ countries. So you can use YiLuProxy and Lalicat antidetect browser to create multiple virtual browsers with different browser fingerprinting and IP addresses to manage multiple accounts.

YiLuProxy Settings

Firstly, download and install YiLuProxy on

Then, set proxy port, port forward, bind address, proxy engine and rules on the [Settings] of YiLuProxy client.

Fixed Proxy Port: you can set randomly or custom:1080;

Port Forward: if you want to use 11 IPs at the same time, you can set 5500-5510.

Bind address:;

Proxy Engine: select “other proxy tools”;

Proxy Rules: select the second and fourth rules.

Then click “Save”.

Fixed proxy port:

Double-click an IP directly to connect or right-click a static IP and connect, then you can see the proxy IP information on the top left. And the green point means the proxy IP connects successfully.

Static IP:

Rotating IP:

Multi-port forward:

Static IP:

Rotating IP:

You can check all proxy ports’ information in [Port Forward List].

Lalicat Antidetect Browser Settings

Create a new browser profile in Lalicat browser client: [Profile List] - [Add Browser Profile]

Then enter the profile name, select operating system, browser version, user-agent, and set proxy.

Proxy Settings: Socks5

IP address:

Port: the proxy IP port you want to connect, such as 5500

Then click “Check the network” to check proxy network connection status

Don’t forget to save the browser profile!

Intergrate YiLuProxy Rotating IP by proxy username and password:

Select a country, state, city, the count of refreshing IPs and set IP:PORT:USERNAME:PASSWORD as copied format, then click "refresh".

Then right-click an IP and copy IP information.

Then click "Paste proxy information" in Lalicat browser profile poxy settings:

Finally, click “Open” to run the virtual browser.

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