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Tue Jun 21 2022admin

As one of the Multilogin alternatives, and depends on more than 3 years of fingerprinting development technology, Lalicat antidetect browser is a dedicated fingerprint browser for online e-commerce business, from its interface design, user experience, prevent association technology, fingerprint parameters, and other features. so that can emulate multiple browser parameters in different fingerprints, can keep each browser profile independent, and will not affect each other during operation. Users can create as many browser profiles as they can to fit their multiple accounts. Under the multiple account management model, if one account is blocked or flagged by the platform detection system due to a wrong operation, other accounts will not be implicated after deleting the useless account. Even more, you are able to re-register your account through add a new browser profile and proxy setting.

Multilogin is arguably the best anti-fingerprint browser on the market. A lot of research has been done and although there is still room for improvement, other anti-fingerprint browsers are looking to become the next Multilogin browser, which is a pioneer in the field for over 5 years now. Multilogin Fingerprint Viewer, which provides an isolated browser environment for your account management. With this software, you are equipped with an anti-association browser that allows you to set up a browser fingerprint to make it difficult for your account to be associated.

We can compare Multilogin with Lalicat as follows:


Solo Plan $99, Save up to 100 profiles;

Team Plan $199, save up to 300 profiles;

Scale Plan $399. Save up to 1000 profiles.

All Plan Includes:
1. Browser profiles sync across your computers;
2. unlimited encrypted cloud storage.
3. All browser fingerprint control features.
4. Two Privacy browsers: Mimic and stealthfox;
5. Fresh browser fingerprints every minute.
6. Real-time detection of IP geolocation.
7. Support Windows, Mac OS, and Linux x64 System.


Personal Plan, $59, 100 saved profiles;

Solo Plan $99, 200 saved profiles, 5 member accounts;

Team Plan, $209/month, 500 saved profiles, 10 member Accounts;

Scale Plan, $499/month, 3000 saved profiles, 20 subaccounts.

All Plan Include:

  1. create unlimited unique fingerprint profiles.
  2. Sharing profile with sub-accounts.
  3. Syncing all cookies on every device.
  4. The customized setting for SpeechSynthesis API and Header
  5. Log in to multiple devices simultaneously
  6. Spport for independent proies and IPv6
  7. Customize browser launch parameters and DNS.
  8. Simulate Manual input with adjustable speed.
  9. Local rest API for Automation.
  10. Syncing Cookies in all devices.
  11. Bulk importing and exporting cookies and proxies.
  12. Support Media device fingerprint and SSL fingerprint set.
  13. Cloud syncing of browser profiles and accounts data.
  14. Customize latitude and longitude based on IP location.
  15. Support for mobile simulation and launching.
  16. Support Windows system, and can emulate Windows, Android IOS, and Linux systems.

Use cases
Both Multilogin And Lalicat can use in similar use cases.
SEO, SMM, Affiliate Marketing, Ads Agency, Online Survey, Traffic Arbitrage, Ticketing Online, and others.

Free Trial
Multilogin Never offers Free Trial till now on.
Now Lalicat can offer 7 Days Free Trial with unlimited profiles, suitable for all new users.

Lastly, we can conclude that Multilogin is suitable for enterprise users or familiar with itbefore. Lalicat is suitable for all new users that can get a free trial to test and familiarize themselves before buying a plan.

get free trial

We Offer 3-Day Free Trial for All New Users

No Limitations in Features

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