How to manage multiple Instagram accounts without getting banned?

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Our use of social media goes beyond chatting with friends and checking the latest trends. It has become a source of income for many of us. When our access to these platforms is restricted, things break down.

Still, social media bans are becoming the mainstream punishment for violating the rules of communication. These bans come in many forms, such as Instagram IP bans.

Imagine you open your Instagram app and you see a popup that says "Your account has been blocked for violating our terms", or your login attempt is just unsuccessful despite a good internet connection. These may be the result of Instagram IP bans.

Access to your account has been restricted because your IP address has been blacklisted. What should you do? How should you fix it? How can you avoid this from happening?

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What is an Instagram IP ban?

Instagram wants organic growth in its community. Therefore, there are strict regulations on the use of its applications. Instagram monitors your activity to ensure you bring value and follow its rules. There are severe penalties for any violation, one of which is an IP ban.

An IP address is a gateway to the Internet. They act as a portal for Internet users to send and receive data.

Whenever you visit a website, you send a data request to that website through your IP address. In turn, the site returns your request through the same IP address. This unique feature makes IP addresses a powerful tool on the Internet.

Internet users can be identified by their IP addresses when they visit websites. Certain data, such as the user's location, is appended to the IP address. Webmasters use this information to monitor those who visit their sites. They can also use it to restrict access to a site's content for specific users.

An IP ban occurs when your IP address is denied access to a website. A website that bans an IP address will deny every request for data sent from that IP address. This may happen automatically or manually by the site administrator.

When Instagram bans your IP address, all your attempts to access their website will fail. The same thing happens if you use the mobile app. The app will not load because Instagram has blocked your IP address.

Why Does Instagram Ban IP Address?

Banning IP on Instagram may be easier than you think. Instagram is keeping secrets about how it bans users on its platform. But the reason is obvious. There are not many reasons why Instagram bans IP addresses. Their reasons only point to the violation of their terms and conditions.

If you're just a user who wants to pass the time or share an occasional photo, fear not. Therefore, if you run an online business that relies on social media, you need to understand Instagram's terms and conditions.

So, what are the things that allow Instagram to impose an IP ban on your account?

Use a robot

Instagram deprecates the use of bots on the platform. When you automatically send direct messages, comments, and likes, Instagram will flag your account and may eventually ban it.

User complaints

There is an in-app reporting feature on Instagram. Instagram can block your account based on reports from other users. If other users see your account as a threat, they may use this feature.

Owners may report your account when you post content that you don't own without proper permission. Copyright infringement is a violation of Instagram's terms and conditions.

Operate multiple accounts from the same IP address

The system automatically flags multiple users operating from the same IP address. However, this can be tricky if you use shared WiFi to access apps. All devices in your home are most likely connected to the internet through the same router. This means that different accounts will operate from the same IP address.

Instagram has a maximum number of user accounts available for the same IP address. Once that threshold is crossed, an IP ban is imminent.

When an IP address is blacklisted, other IP addresses in the same IP class may also be blacklisted.

How to Fix Instagram IP Ban

Change your IP address

Completely changing your IP address is the best way to fix an IP ban quickly. The new IP address will show you as a different user so Instagram can restore your access.

Changing your IP address can be difficult because only an Internet Service Provider (ISP) can change your IP address. If your ISP gave you a static IP address, you may have to pay to change it. That costs a lot.

However, it's easier if you use dynamic IP addresses. Turning off the device for a while will help. ISPs reassign these IP addresses to other users on their network within a specific time frame. When you turn on the device, you will get a new IP address.

Use proxy IP

Using a proxy IP is another way to change your IP address. They are independent of the ISP. The proxy layers a new IP address over your IP address. Therefore, Instagram will see you as a different user.

How to Use Multiple Instagram Accounts Effectively Without Getting Banned?

If you run an online business that requires multiple accounts, you need to manage those accounts without being banned by Instagram. There are a few solutions available to you, and using a proxy is one of them. However, your best solution may be to go incognito.

A proxy allows you to obtain a new IP address for each account. So, you can maintain your account without being blocked by Instagram IP. However, the cost of acquiring these proxies increases with the number of accounts you manage.

Also, managing a system with so many components is a challenge. Invisibility can help remove this stress while making your work effective.

Lalicat is an antidetect browser with built-in functionality to run multiple accounts. Each account or user profile gets a unique browser fingerprint. A browser fingerprint is a set of parameters that a website uses to identify a user associated with an IP address.

With Lalicat, you can create and manage multiple accounts with different browser fingerprints. Lalicat antidetect browser will help you achieve your goals while still operating within the confines of Instagram.

Now new users can get a 3-day free trial of Lalicat to know all its functions, contact us to get it!

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