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Mon Mar 14 2022admin

Journalism is a risky and difficult job. You must know where to look for information and whom to ask in order to get key and essential information and be polite and persistent when in an interview, sometimes, you must keep yourself anonymous during a journalistic investigation process.

With the development of the internet under the Covid-19, most of the investigation happened online, for it saves time and avoids the touch risk. For some special investigation, involves in big profit, dispute, or key evidence collection, to keep anonymous and safe become the need of journalism, as the journalistic investigation will reveal skeletons in someone's closet, for who will never happy if some information is published.
Sometimes the necessary information is simply unavailable in a journalist's country. For example, your foreign informant is active only in local social networks, or an important publication has been published on a government website that prohibits access from abroad.

There could probably be lots of circumstances in which you can keep your browsing activity private. E.g. you want to hide the current line of investigation or want to avoid leakage of essential information.

Although it seems that the incognito mode in chrome browser can protect you from detection, in fact, it only hides your history from those who have access to the computer. However, never friendly to the target webpage you viewed. the best way is to keep your browser information naturally and native without any information anonymous or hidden.

Lalicat Anonymous Browser allows you to control your fingerprints and manage browser profiles in a native and natural status which will absolutely be safe and useful for your investigation. you can mask your browser profile parameters, like Operation System, Platform, GEO location, IP Address, Country, Language, Resolution, and others, that can be detected as an individual, native browser with customized varied fingerprints.

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