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"My Accounts Banned, what should I do next?" anyone, like social media marketing on Facebook, Pinterest, and more, while running their multiple accounts, will often meet this issue. When you have spent much time setting up your business online uneasily, reasonably hope it will never happen to yours. However, the consequences are always disastrous.
That is why we want to make a further discussion about the big issue again on some perhaps reasons of accounts ban and what we can do next.

Why are our accounts banned continued?

Firstly, let's have a careful look at why the platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest ban our accounts. There is not a reliable and fast way to confirm a precise reason for individual different conditions. always it is that the account is detected as suspicious activity, commonly said from the platform page.

Till now on, the marketers who have undergone and are familiar with these similar cases will mostly care about what we should do next. Generally speaking, it can conclude as follow:

Inconsistent Activities.
If you are making consistent activities in the same browser profile or ads account, it will be caused to be flagged up. Take the same account, for example, imagine that, you login to the account through a VPN at one time with a GEO location, but login to it next time in an absolutely different GEO Location. Likely, you are working in a team, and login to an account in the USA, minutes later, your colleague run the account in India suddenly.
In these cases, the platforms see the activities through their tracking technology on the account and signs that you are conducting inconsistent activity- even if you actually have not done it under your experience.

Suspicious Account History Recorded.
There are some businesses and individuals who promote buying the used accounts, which they claimed that they have been set up for a long time and with a number of used profiles and history that makes them could be in usable fastly as a common account. This, however, is truly a big risk, as we have discussed before.

As the new user of these accounts, you will log in them with a new different GEO location, new IP, new behavior patterns - all these will make them seem inconsistent and suspicious, never as consistent as they are promised above.

All that clearly indicated that there is no way to keep the account history safe if they have been used for some consistent purposes.

Similar identities detected within multiple accounts.
Your accounts will be remarked after you login multiple accounts using the same browser profile, such as the same chrome, IE, or Firefox browser. If you also still try to hide or change the browser fingerprinting with inappropriate solution, the real fingerprinting still be detected through your public IP, GEO Location, your OS, Hardware, and more, in so many cases from SEO marketers, SNS Ads Specialist and others.

Blocking Fingerprinting.
Till now on, you may still possibly regard that, the easiest way to stop platform tracking is to block fingerprinting. It is not as easy as you thought before. It still is flagged up as inconsistent activities if you try to conceal the identity information.

What should we do after Facebook's account is banned?
As most of the person do, like e-commerce specialists, affiliate marketers, Social media agencies, SEOer, and more, we firstly want to appeal, when coming across the issue. However, the opportunities of getting them back become at a low rate of possibility.

Therefore, the best action we should take: From the start day on, we need to carry out a perfect protection solution that can absolutely help us out from inconsistent activities and accounts detecting.

Here, In Lalicat, our dedicated teams have invested and have been investing hundreds of days for getting a research and development a best powerful and perfect solution, we called "Natural Way", that means rather than the way try to block fingerprinting. Lalicat Antidetect Browser can provide you a virtual browser profiles, including multiple customized fingerprints, which allowed to be read as natural and real computers or devices, also like multiple virtual machines at one computer or place.

It is worth mentioning that the accurate isolation of each profile means that the cookies, browsing history, caches, and other information are never leaked between each one. It creates an absolutely isolated virtual browsing environment to avoid accounts being banned.

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