The Shadowban on TikTok: Causes, Consequences, and Solutions

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What is the risk of multiple TikTok accounts?

As a social media marketer, the nature of your work necessitates the simultaneous management of numerous social media accounts belonging to different clients. This entails handling a considerable number of accounts concurrently. Such a multifaceted undertaking is inevitable but should not overlook the associated perils. Among these risks, one of the most significant is the occurrence of automated social prohibitions.

On social media platforms, when your account undergoes a ban, it can result in substantial detrimental consequences for the brand or clientele you represent. This is especially critical when it comes to platforms like TikTok, which necessitate verification processes to ensure the authenticity of accounts and prevent spamming. Failure to successfully complete the verification process may lead to temporary or permanent account suspension, thereby directly undermining your confidence in utilizing the platform.

What is the Shadowban? Why does it happen?

As a frequent user of TikTok, you have likely come across the term "shadowban." However, this enigmatic term actually refers to the situation where your account is subject to a form of restriction or partial blocking on the app without your awareness. Consequently, your content is no longer prominently featured on TikTok's primary news feed, the "For You" page, leading to significantly diminished visibility and engagement for your posts.

Over the past six months, TikTok has eradicated a staggering 50 million videos due to its stringent community guidelines. If you happen to violate these guidelines, your content may be removed. However, these guidelines are not always crystal clear, and this ambiguity extends to other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram as well. Additionally, TikTok's algorithm automatically subjects suspicious accounts to shadowbans as a measure to safeguard other users.

Hence, in order to evade being blocked, it is imperative to adhere to TikTok's community guidelines. Here are several actions you should refrain from undertaking:

Assuming a false identity on TikTok, including utilizing another account of your own.

Uploading offensive or explicit content, such as nudity.

Sharing content that may harm individuals' emotions or contain hate speech.

Plagiarizing and posting others' content, including your own previously published material, on your profile.

Engaging in spam-like behavior, such as posting an excessive number of videos simultaneously, rapidly following numerous accounts, liking your own alternate accounts, and so on.

The most prevalent cause for a shadowban is the act of impersonation. If you manage multiple accounts (around 5 or 6) on a single device, the chances of being blocked from TikTok increase. To prevent being shadowbanned, it is crucial to abide by the TikTok Community Guidelines and avoid any infractions. Moreover, you can enhance your account's reputation and credibility by actively engaging with other users, publishing top-notch content, and minimizing frequent actions, thus reducing the risk of encountering a shadowban.

How to solve shadowban?

  1. Check your content

Doubts may arise regarding the TikTok algorithm in relation to the content of your TikTok videos, quotes, or subtitles. Several factors should be taken into consideration:

Firstly, incorporating copyrighted audio into your video may lead to its prohibition or restriction. It is crucial to ensure that the audio used is either copyright-free or that you possess the necessary copyright permissions.

Secondly, employing globally or locally banned hashtags can also result in a ban. It is important to scrutinize the popularity and prevalence of tags in search results to avoid mistakenly incorporating offending tags. Even seemingly innocuous banned hashtags can have detrimental consequences for your account.

Thirdly, reposting videos from other accounts may contravene TikTok's Community Guidelines, particularly if you lack permission from the original creator. Ensuring that your video does not infringe upon others' copyrights is of utmost importance.

Lastly, divulging personally identifiable information can lead to the banning or restriction of your TikTok account. Hence, it is imperative to refrain from sharing any personally identifiable information, including but not limited to phone numbers, email addresses, home addresses, etc., in your videos, quotes, or captions.

Engaging in any of the aforementioned practices may adversely impact your account. The TikTok algorithm thoroughly examines and imposes restrictions on accounts based on their content, ensuring compliance with community guidelines and safeguarding the well-being of users.

  1. Erase your fingerprints

Firstly, it is advisable to alter your IP address and steer clear of IP addresses that have been shadow-banned. Employing mobile proxies can assist in this regard, as social media platform algorithms are less likely to view mobile proxies with suspicion. By doing so, you can circumvent the restrictions imposed by a banned IP address and regain access to your TikTok account.

Secondly, endeavor to log into your shadow-banned TikTok account using an alternative device. This approach enables you to bypass restrictions that may be linked to your primary device, thus facilitating the account recovery process.

Lastly, if you opt to log out of your shadow-banned account and establish a new one, it is imperative to update both your device and IP address. This measure ensures that you evade future issues pertaining to shadow banning and enables uninterrupted utilization of the TikTok platform.

In summary, a shadow-banned IP address or account can significantly impede your TikTok experience. Nonetheless, by modifying your IP address, leveraging mobile proxies, attempting to access your account through a different device, or creating a new account while updating your device and IP address, you can successfully navigate these restrictions and restore full functionality to your TikTok account.

  1. Keep waiting

On the TikTok platform, should you experience the unfortunate event of being subjected to a shadowban, it is plausible that you will encounter feelings of bewilderment and distress. As the concept of shadow banning lacks precise definition, the duration of your timeout remains ambiguous as well. According to anecdotal evidence shared by other individuals who have faced similar bans, this period can span anywhere from a mere fortnight to several extensive months.

We highly recommend persevering and refraining from relinquishing hope. Instead, exercise patience by waiting for a few days or even weeks, while adopting a cautious approach towards sharing original, top-tier content that adheres to TikTok's terms and standards. This strategic course of action will aid you in reestablishing faith and credibility within the platform's community, ultimately leading to the restoration of your TikTok account.

Once you commence the process of publishing content, you have the potential to captivate your acquaintances and garner substantial attention. Encouraging them to engage by liking, commenting, and saving your videos will significantly contribute to the reconstruction of your reputation on the platform, as well as attracting a larger viewership. It is imperative not to overlook the adherence to TikTok's Community Guidelines, ensuring that your content aligns with the prescribed standards, thereby minimizing the risk of future bans.

  1. Contact support team

Some users contend that the aforementioned strategies might not yield success in the event of a TikTok account being subjected to a ban. Nevertheless, you can still endeavor to elucidate the situation to TikTok's support department and seek elucidation. It is of utmost importance to approach them in a courteous manner when initiating contact, as this will enhance the likelihood of effectively resolving the matter.

Here are several methods to establish communication with TikTok personnel:

Engage on various social media platforms: Endeavor to mention the official TikTok account or relevant staff members on platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, or others. Elaborate on your predicament and request their assistance and guidance. Remember, articulating your concerns civilly and courteously will aid in capturing their attention.

Email on a daily basis: You can articulate your inquiries and concerns by regularly emailing TikTok's support department. Clearly delineate your problem in the email and solicit their aid and solutions. Be sure to employ polite and professional language while furnishing as many pertinent details and account-related information as possible, enabling them to comprehend your circumstances more fully.

Submitting requests via forms: TikTok may provide online forms or support request pages that enable you to complete and submit your inquiries and requests. Typically, these forms entail mandatory fields wherein you provide information pertaining to your account and the nature of your query. When completing the form, make certain to present a lucid account of your issue and furnish a comprehensive description of the circumstances.

How to run multiple

TikTok accounts with the help of Lalicat?

  1. Sign in to Lalicat and download the app.
tiktok shadowban
  1. Create a distinct browser profile for each TikTok account. Lalicat has a 3-day free trial for any paid plan.
  1. Each TikTok browser profile has its own unique fingerprints. You can customize a profile’s settings, such as location and device parameters, in the basic and other configuration sections.
  1. Click <open> to open a browser profile.
  1. Sign in to one of your existing TikTok accounts or create a new one.

Why use Lalicat for faking your fingerprints?

Browser fingerprinting entails a covert method of online tracking that can amass a vast amount of data about individuals. For privacy-conscious individuals, managing their fingerprint becomes a cumbersome task, as it comprises an extensive list of system parameters. Contemporary free platforms like Meta, Google, TikTok, and others employ this sophisticated technique to gather copious amounts of user data, primarily for serving tailored advertisements and content, and in some cases, even vendoring personal data to advertising brokers. Regardless of the measures taken to safeguard oneself, such as utilizing hardened browsers, VPNs, proxies, or incognito mode, TikTok can accurately track users' movements through the utilization of browser fingerprinting.

To circumvent this predicament, opting for Lalicat is advisable. Lalicat serves as a professional tool for shielding against browser fingerprinting, enabling TikTok users to safeguard their accounts from advanced tracking technologies. We leverage top-notch browser fingerprinting technology to shield accounts from trackers and safeguard user data, effectively thwarting TikTok's shadow bans or permanent bans.

Additionally, Lalicat's technology operates within the bounds of legality and adheres to US and EU regulations, providing users with peace of mind and assurance that no rules will be violated. Utilizing Lalicat proves particularly advantageous for those collaborating with marketing agencies or remote teams, as it facilitates the seamless sharing of TikTok accounts, streamlining teamwork and the management of multiple accounts.

It is noteworthy that account sessions remain uninterrupted even when profiles are activated or deactivated—they are merely paused and resumed. This feature alleviates the need for repetitive logging in and out, thereby enhancing productivity for both individuals and teams.


In this digital era, safeguarding personal privacy and ensuring data security has assumed paramount importance. While some users resort to anti-tracking measures such as VPNs or proxy servers to shield their IP addresses, these methods offer limited defense against sophisticated tracking techniques like browser fingerprinting. Conventional VPNs or proxy servers are incapable of impeding tracking scripts from harvesting data through your browser, let alone counteracting TikTok's employment of browser fingerprinting technology.

TikTok has already incurred hefty fines from U.S. regulatory bodies for unlawfully gathering personal information from children. In a significant hearing held in 2023, the owner of TikTok evaded inquiries concerning the whereabouts and handling of users' personal data. This incident serves as a stark reminder that platforms such as TikTok excel at amassing user data, thus placing the onus on individuals to safeguard their data from being tracked.

If you harbor concerns regarding browser fingerprinting and aspire to fortify your online privacy, several measures can be undertaken. Consider utilizing a privacy-centric browser like Lalicat, which effectively thwarts tracking on highly sophisticated websites, leaving no escape even for platforms like TikTok.

By employing Lalicat, you can create and manage multiple TikTok accounts devoid of the risk of being flagged as a business account. Furthermore, Lalicat shields your online privacy and fortifies data security by thwarting tracking scripts from extracting data through your browser. The process of utilizing Lalicat is straightforward: download and install the application, initiate the test profile you have configured, add as many profiles as desired, and commence running multiple TikTok accounts seamlessly.

If safeguarding your online privacy and preserving data security is a priority, opting for Lalicat is a sagacious decision. It assists in shielding your TikTok account from advanced tracking technologies like browser fingerprinting, while also providing a safer and more efficient approach to managing multiple TikTok accounts. Download Lalicat Browser now and relish a TikTok experience that is both safer and more efficient!

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