How to create and manage multiple TikTok accounts?

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TikTok is an app for making and sharing short videos. On TikTok, short-form videos are exciting, spontaneous, and genuine. Whether you’re a sports fanatic, a pet enthusiast, or just looking for a laugh, there’s something for everyone on TikTok. All you have to do is watch, engage with what you like, and skip what you don’t, and you’ll find an endless stream of short videos that feel personalized just for you. So some people want to advertise their products on TikTok and need multiple accounts for marketing. But the platform doesn't allow one person to register multiple accounts, so you need a tool to help you create and manage multiple accounts - Lalicat anti fingerprint browser.

Manage Multiple TikTok Accounts

What's the Lalicat virtual browser?

Lalicat anti fingerprint browser is a software that can simulate thousands of browser environments for people who need to manage multiple accounts. Lalicat virtual browser creates multiple virtual browsers for modifying browser fingerprints by modifying Chrome kernel code. Each browser is completely isolated, and the anti-association is naturally strong. Lalicat is used widely in e-commerce, social media marketing, web spider, price comparison, privacy and security.

What can Lalicat do?

Function 1: multi-account operation anti-association Using Lalicat, e-commerce can no longer worry about account association. Ordinary browsers cannot change their browsing environment, so when logging in to multiple accounts, the browser fingerprint is the same, and the platform can easily find the association between multiple accounts, resulting in being banned. By modifying the browser fingerprint parameters, Lalicat virtual antidetect browser makes the browser fingerprint of each environment different, which can effectively avoid the problem of account association.

Function 2: batch operation and synchronous management Ordinary browsers cannot log in to multiple platform accounts on one computer. When you log in to another account, the previous account will be automatically offline. Lalicat antidetect browser can achieve the purpose of multiple account registrations by creating multiple fingerprint browsers. Using Lalicat, you can log in at the same time, operate multiple accounts, and support batch import of cookies. No matter how many accounts, it won't be troublesome.

Function 3: browser profile transferring and sharing When using Lalicat anti-detect browser, we can upload the browser's configuration file to the cloud. Even if we don't use it on this computer next time, we can also download and use the same environment to avoid abnormal accounts or remote login caused by an unstable environment. At the same time, we can also share the environment with others, which is very suitable for team cooperation.

Function 4: multiple data encryptions to protect user privacy Ordinary browsers have no way to detect the fingerprint of the platform when facing the website. Lalicat anti fingerprint browser uses SSL encryption transmission and symmetric encryption storage for data, which effectively ensures the user's information security and will not disclose the user's real fingerprint data and user information.

What's the principle of Lalicat virtual browser?

Lalicat virtual browser generates a space through virtual technology. This space is independent, just like a brand-new computer. When users use it, they can use the virtual browser to create multiple virtual spaces, which is equivalent to users opening several more computers.

What are browser fingerprints?

Browser fingerprint is another way to identify users. Browser fingerprint is composed of software and hardware information such as graphics card information, CPU model, time zone, and browser language of the user's computer. Just like our fingerprint, it is identifiable. The platform can identify the computer through the collected browser fingerprint, so as to locate the user.

Cookie When we enter a new website, the website will automatically implant a Cookie file into our computer, which is unique to the same user. The next time you enter this website, you will identify it through this Cookie file.

IP I believe you all know this, which is also an important basis for the platform to judge the account association. Especially in the cross-border e-commerce industry, multiple accounts will be associated due to the same IP login.

Browser information and hardware information (1) Operating System (2)User-Agent (3) Resolution (4) Language and Accept-Language (5) Canvas (6) AudioContext (7) WebGL (8) WebRTC (9) Time Zone (10) Geolocation, etc

How to create and manage multiple TikTok accounts?

You can look at the video to learn the specific operation steps. You just need to create multiple browser profiles on Lalicat, and every profile connects to a different IP. You can use the third-party proxy software for getting IP addresses, such as 911 S5 proxy, NetNut proxy, Smartproxy, Bright Data/Luminati proxy, YiLu Socks5 proxy, and others.

Then run these browser profiles. And enter and carry on registration operations. You can manage multiple accounts at the same time on one computer, and won’t be worried about the association of multiple accounts.

Using Lalicat virtual browser can save you time and make your operations easy, so download it and contact us for a 3-day free trial now!

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