Why does TikTok always limit the traffic of your account?

Fri Jan 13 2023admin

Many sellers want to promote their products on TikTok, but the traffic of videos they post are always limited, and some even only have zero views. So why does TikTok always limit traffic? Let’s analyze reasons!

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The first is the login device issue. Some users use one mobile phone to log in to multiple TikTok accounts, so once detected by the system, they will be judged as spam accounts. Therefore, it is recommended to use an anti fingerprint browser such as Lalicat for TikTok multiple accounts login. The fingerprint browser can create a unique login environment for each tiktok account. The browser cookie, Canvas fingerprint, WebGL fingerprint, Audio, WebRTC and other numbers in each browser is different, so the system cannot judge that these accounts are from one person, so they will not be identified as spam accounts, and there will be no traffic limits.

Then there is the problem of logging IP. If multiple TikTok accounts' logins are involved, it is recommended to use proxy IPs to ensure that each tiktok account corresponds to a fixed IP address, which will not cause IP association and will not lead to current limitation.

Continuously posting low-quality videos will also lead to throttling. Publishing low-quality videos for a week, without in-depth editing of video materials, without copywriting, without tags, and without adding background music on TikTok, these operations will also cause tiktok to limit its flow.

If the video content violates the regulations, it will also lead to flow restriction, such as the content is too bloody and violent, the content is not suitable for minors to watch, and the release of unhealthy content will definitely be restricted.

Duplicate videos will also be restricted. For example, if your video material is compared by TikTok's system and found to be highly similar, then this video will definitely be restricted. Therefore, it is better to try to make some original videos instead of copying them.

TikTok takes copyright as very important. When publishing a video, it is necessary to carefully check whether the music, copywriting, and actors used have been authorized or greeted in advance, otherwise it is easy to cause the video to be taken off the shelf due to infringement issues and influence the account.

With the trend of TikTok increasing in the number of global users and the increasing number of videos, its influence is also growing, and the platform's control requirements for videos' content are becoming tighter and tighter. TikTok's risk control mechanism and auditing efforts will also become stricter. But don’t worry too much, as long as you avoid the reasons for tiktok’s current limit and abide by the platform rules, the video playback volume will definitely increase.

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