Why is your Google account banned?

Fri Jan 06 2023admin

Many cross-border sellers advertise on Google search engine to get accurate traffic, but it is easy to open the title. So why is the Google account always banned?

Google account banned

The first is to login device. Some cross -border partners log in to multiple Google accounts on one computer. This operation is very dangerous and easily causes account associations and leads to the title. If multiple Google accounts need to be taken care of, it is recommended to use fingerprint browsers such as Lalicat. Fingerprint browser can create an independent window for each Google account. The browser cookie, canvas fingerprints, webgl fingerprints, audio fingerprints in each window can be created. The various information such as webrtc fingerprints is different, which is equivalent to a brand new computer. With the fingerprint browser, no matter how many Google accounts log in, it will not be associated, which is very safe.

Then there is the IP problem. Some sellers have logged in multiple Google accounts under one IP. This behavior will also be detected by the system. It will be judged as a garbage number. It is recommended to use proxy IP to ensure that each Google account can correspond to a fixed IP address login. Essence

Some Google users set their birth date at under 13 years of age when they registered, Google may ban these accounts.

Google Ads is prohibited from selling or promoting counterfeit products. Therefore, in the process of advertising, do not use trademarks and signs of the same or high degree as other products. Don't imitate the brand characteristics of genuine products, try to make people think that they are genuine from the perspective of the brand owner. Do not use high imitation products, replicas, counterfeit products or similar words when mentioning the brand name to describe the promoted products. If the account is blocked, the seller should check the website, product and advertising content as soon as possible, and correct it.

Google hopes that products sold by shopping advertisements will not mislead consumers to buy products they do not want, so do not state products.

Some Google ads redirect to the content that does not meet the prescribed content, use dynamic DNS to switch web pages or advertisements; repeatedly violated the policy with different accounts, including using different domain names, different accounts to publish rejected ads; in text, pictures, or videos Use improper means to mix porn content; after the account is suspended, the creation of a new account will be created again without the success of the appeal. Once these behaviors are discovered by the system, they will also cause the title.

If the above points can be paid attention to operation, I believe your Google account will be safe and will not be banned.

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