What is a virtual multilogin browser?

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Managing multiple accounts on the same web browser can be a daunting task as you need to constantly log out of another account to log in to another. It can also be risky as your account may be banned if the web service or platform does not allow users to own and manage multiple accounts.

A single browser profile means having a browser history, favorites, bookmarks, local storage, cookies, and even browser fingerprints. Such a single browser environment is not suitable for managing multiple accounts, as web services are becoming more intelligent and efficient in their methods of detecting multiple accounts.

Popular web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera all support multiple profiles, but in most cases, browser fingerprints don't change -- they protect you from cookie tracking.

For that, you'll need a better alternative, antidetect browser software. You can use a virtual browser to efficiently manage multiple accounts without worrying about them being detected and banned.

Manage Multiple Accounts

What is a virtual multilogin browser?

A virtual multilogin browser is software that allows the creation of multiple virtual browser profiles, each with its own unique browser environment, but within the same application. If you configure proxy IP, each browser environment has its own separate cookie, local storage, configurable browser fingerprint, and even IP address.

With a virtual browser, the web platform where you manage multiple accounts won't know that those accounts are managed from the same device.

While regular browsers allow you to create multiple user accounts and have separate environments, browser fingerprints are not configurable and you cannot have separate IP addresses.

For this reason, while they can be called browsers, they may not serve the purpose for which you need virtual browser software.

Why use a virtual browser?

The virtual browser software has its utility and why you might want to use them instead of regular internet browsers like Chrome.

Manage multiple accounts

It is no longer a secret that web services do use cookies, IP addresses, and browser fingerprints to track their users. This means that you don't need to log into a web service to know that you are the one who visited their service.

If you intend to manage multiple accounts on the same platform and the platform does not allow this, you cannot do this on a regular browser as your cookie, browser fingerprint, IP address, and other unique details can be used to identify you. With multilogin browser software, you can manage multi-accounts because each account will be running in a separate browser environment.

Prevent browser fingerprinting from tracking

In most cases, browser fingerprinting tracking is unethical and you have no way of knowing what information has been collected or even controlling it.

Unfortunately, the pieces of information collected can be used to create your fingerprint, which you can use to track things across the Internet. Regular browsers don't give you control over browser fingerprinting, but with the help of virtual browser software, you can not only control but tweak it your way.

How to prevent browser fingerprinting from tracking?

Of course, a virtual browser.

If you decide to use virtual browser software, one of the most important questions you need to answer is which is the best browser software?

With Lalicat browser, you can control browser fingerprinting, manage multiple browser profiles, collaborate with teams, perform web automation, and set up your business workflows. For each browser profile you create in Lalicat, you have a separate browser environment with its own separate cookies, local storage, and even caching.

You can choose to adjust browser fingerprinting and even use proxy IP to reserve IP addresses for each profile, which will ensure true separation of accounts, allowing multiple accounts to be managed without being discovered.

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