How to prevent Etsy accounts from being banned?

Fri Oct 14 2022admin

Etsy is a cross-border e-commerce platform, featuring the sale and purchase of handicraft products. Many sellers want to pan for gold on Etsy, but their accounts are often blocked. So how does Etsy prevent bans? Today, I will share some strategies for preventing Etsy accounts from being banned.

The first is the IP problem. Do not log in to multiple Etsy stores under one IP, so as not to cause account association. Try to use a static IP, the IP address will not change when logging in to the store.

Then there is the equipment problem. Don't log in to multiple Etsy stores on one computer. This will also cause multiple store associations, which will be detected by the system and easily blocked. What if the seller owns multiple Etsy stores? It is recommended to use Lalicat antidetect browser to log in to the account during operation. The antidetect browser can create unlimited login environments. Each environment is like an independent computer and will not be associated, and will not be banned.

Then there is the question of pictures. Many sellers like to be lazy and directly collect and upload product pictures from other e-commerce websites. There are countless sellers who do this, and it is easy to cause infringement. Etsy is a platform that pays great attention to trademark protection. Once a complaint is filed, the store will be blocked sooner or later. Therefore, it is best to take product pictures by yourself, at least after two revisions.

In the end, there were too many bad reviews and the store was often complained. Because Etsy will give priority to protecting the rights and interests of buyers, the high negative review rate will make the system think that your store is not suitable for operation on the platform, so in the process of operation, you must have a good attitude towards buyers, actively solve customer problems, and guide customers leave good comments.

Of course, in addition to these, there are other reasons that can lead to Etsy bans. For example, the delivery time is too long, and some products that do not meet the requirements are put on the shelves. The Etsy platform is a platform centered on original, handmade, and unique products. If your products do not meet the platform's characteristics and seller policies, it will also lead to closures.

Doing virtual products or gift card transactions, this type of store is also easy to be blocked.

Identity information is required to open a store. Some sellers use false identity information to open a store because they do not have the corresponding resources, which will also lead to the closure of the store.

I believe that you can know some Etsy rules from the article, and hope your business is successful!

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