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How many types of proxy does ASocks supply?

ASocks concentrates on delivering residential proxy and mobile proxy services, which may be seen as a drawback by some; however, I strongly disagree with that notion. In fact, focusing on these proxies offers unique benefits, particularly for users who exclusively require such proxies, making other proxy types irrelevant to them.

Although ASocks may be relatively smaller in size, their proxy pool still encompasses an impressive 70,000 positions. When this is combined with the millions of IP addresses held by other providers, the number becomes quite substantial. Additionally, ASocks stands out in terms of flexibility, as they possess a remarkable ability to finely adjust geolocation with exceptional precision. While their coverage may not extend to every country or city, they hold a distinct advantage over competitors who merely offer country targeting.

How about the IP compatibility?

As ASocks exclusively provides residential proxies, all of its IP addresses effortlessly passed rigorous testing. We conducted comparison tests on several strict websites that typically prohibit proxy access, and the results aligned with our expectations without any unexpected outcomes. ASocks' proxies effectively accessed various renowned websites, such as Instagram, Twitter, Craigslist, Pinterest, YouTube, Amazon, Google, Ticketmaster, and others.

Easy to use - the golden standard

Modern proxy providers strive to cater to the needs of the majority of users, considering both performance and usability as essential aspects. ASocks, in particular, places great emphasis on user-friendliness to ensure even beginners face no confusion.

Upon logging into their dashboard, all the necessary functionalities are intuitively presented on the home screen. The geolocation feature allows easy selection of desired proxy locations, including country, state, city, and service provider. Once preferences are set, users can conveniently export the list of proxies to TXT format, enabling their use in any desired application.

ASocks' user interface is thoughtfully designed to offer effortless management of proxy settings for users of all levels of expertise. Whether you are a novice or an experienced user, locating and configuring the required features is simple. Their primary objective is to provide a seamless experience, allowing swift and easy configuration and management of proxy services.

By choosing ASocks Proxy, users can relish a user-friendly dashboard interface, flexible geolocation options, and an API code generator that supports multiple programming languages. This comprehensive approach ensures a smooth and hassle-free experience for all users.

Features of ASocks Proxy

  • Reasonable price

One of the standout features of this provider is its highly competitive pricing, especially when compared to most of its rivals. With a cost of just $3 per GB, it presents an incredibly affordable option, making it particularly appealing for budget-conscious users.

Testing a provider is an excellent approach to assess the quality of its service and determine if it justifies the cost. If you don't already have an ASocks account, now is the perfect time to sign up. Moreover, remember to utilize the promo code "AdsPower" to enjoy an additional 3GB data bonus. To further enhance your confidence, we also offer a 3-day money-back policy that allows you to request a refund if you are unsatisfied with our service, though note that used traffic will be deducted from your total quota.

  • Flexible geolocation

The accuracy of geolocation is of utmost importance to many users. Various applications and requirements may necessitate proxies from specific cities. As a response to this need, ASocks offers an extensive array of options, empowering users to select their desired proxy location according to their specific needs and preferences.

When utilizing ASocks' geolocation feature, you gain the ability to precisely choose the source of your proxy. Whether you require a connection to a server in a particular city or seek to emulate a user experience from a specific geographic location, ASocks caters to your requirements. Opting for ASocks ensures unmatched geographic positioning flexibility, with positioning options spanning all continents, encompassing major cities and regions. This ensures you obtain the most accurate and suitable proxy to achieve your objectives.

  • Two authentication methods

ASocks offers two user-friendly and customizable authentication methods to ensure a hassle-free user experience.

For username and password authentication, no alterations are necessary. ASocks provides this service, enabling you to authenticate directly on the dashboard using your login credentials. This saves time and requires no additional setup or configuration. If you wish to change your password, you can effortlessly do so by navigating to the Profile menu in the left navigation panel. The process is simple and allows for easy management of your account security.

Alternatively, if you prefer to use an IP whitelist for authentication, ASocks also presents a straightforward setup. By clicking on "IP Whitelist" in the upper right corner, a small window will appear. Here, you can add up to 150 IP addresses and provide descriptions for each address, facilitating easy operation when deleting or adding new IP addresses. This setup grants you the freedom to control authentication access according to your specific needs.

  • Multiple customer support

When it comes to customer support, ASocks' service matches or even surpasses what other smaller providers offer. They have a comprehensive FAQ section that covers solutions to many common issues, making it effortless for new users to identify and resolve problems.

If you can't find the answers you seek in the FAQ section, no need to worry, ASocks provides various alternative options for obtaining support without the need for typing. Support is accessible through live chat on their website, email, Discord, or Telegram, allowing you to choose the most convenient method based on your preferences. Although phone support isn't available, their team delivers equally exceptional support through live chat and email. Representatives respond promptly to your messages, offering professional and friendly assistance.


ASocks boasts an extensive and adaptable selection of over 150 countries and a pool of more than 70,000 IP addresses, ensuring you never feel restricted. Additionally, their geolocation options offer great flexibility, enabling you to choose proxies from specific cities or providers—an excellent feature. Remarkably, all these advantages come at an incredibly affordable price, setting them apart from the competition.

ASocks excels in geolocation and IP compatibility testing, delivering a seamless experience without any issues. However, it's worth noting that speed tests may not always be optimal, so it's a consideration to keep in mind when selecting a plan.

Regarding the purchasing process, some users might find ASocks to be limited in terms of accepted payment methods. Unlike many competitors, this provider exclusively accepts payments in cryptocurrencies.

Overall, if you are content with the speed of ASocks' proxies, I highly recommend choosing their service. The incredible quality of service and the level of flexibility they offer are truly remarkable. While there are minor drawbacks, the benefits clearly outweigh them. As a smaller company, ASocks stands out for its outstanding price-performance ratio and high-quality service, guaranteeing you a dependable proxy experience.

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